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Catalogue excerpts

HiPer Sub 2 100 meters “High performance diving

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A new way of Diving Take diving to the next level. The HiPer Sub is the first fully certified submersible featuring compact size, high speed and 360 degrees of unrestricted freedom. Traditionally, submersibles are unhurried observatory vehicles. U-Boat Worx has taken this to the next level with its range of submersibles including C-Explorer and Super Yacht Sub models. Now the HiPer Sub adds another dimension. Our highly advanced technologies and years of experience make it possible to deliver a submersible that defies all current notions of speed and agility. Why you may ask? To go where no one...

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Most compact and light weight submersible This submersible opens up the opportunity to carry a submersible on board for more yacht owners than ever before. When the hatch closes you stay at 1-ATM, the same pressure as experienced at the surface. The depth-rating of the HiPer Sub is set at 100 meters. When you return to the surface you can disembark immediately without the need for decompression.

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Fully certified submersible - not just a toy Completely certified by DNV-GL, equipped with all safety features. 360 Degrees of freedom at full speed Fly underwater in any direction you want at any angle you desire. Buckle up! 6 Powerful thrusters will give this submersible speeds never seen before and perform hydrobatics. High-speed, low drag The hydrodynamic hull is optimized to give you speed and manoeuvrability. Take control Sail the HiPer Sub with the MANTA controller or at the surface with the MARLIN remote controller.

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Buckle Up The unique design abandons traditional submersible forms and embraces sport. Sit in luxury sport seats and buckle up. You will need it while you spin upside down through the subsea realm. Whether you dive to gaze upon the sea life, explore the endless depths or simply for the thrill, you will have an amazing view from the submersible. With the responsive controls of the HiPer Sub you can perform close quarter manoeuvres at zero speed or fly like a jet. Reach 100 meters faster than ever before in a safe and comfortable submersible. Go beyond the SCUBA limits and see things very little...

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High Performance The “HiPer” in HiPer Sub stands for High Performance. With state-of-the-art technology and our proven engineering capabilities this submersible is the elite in its class. Every detail is taken care of while striving for perfection

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The design of HiPer Sub has been based on CFD flow calculations. This technology has resulted in a spectacular reduction of drag and enhanced manoeuvrability. The design characteristics in combination with two powerful horizontal thrusters give the submersible an unmatched under water speed of 6 knots. Power & Propulsion Six powerful thrusters can work efficiently thanks to the hydrodynamic hull. Four vectored-vertical thrusters allow the submersible to adapt any possible heel, pitch or attitude that results in the most spectacular views for the occupants. The Lithium-ion batteries in the HiPer Sub...

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Advanced Technology With only power and speed you don't get a high performance; being in control of this power gives you true high performance. The HiPer Sub is equipped with our latest technological developments allowing fingertip control of the submersible. UIS The UIS (U-Boat Worx Information System) gives the pilot a clear overview of the status of all systems aboard. Thanks to the UIS you can focus on what is most important, the ride. MANTA Controller Switch from being passenger to pilot without changing seats. Hand over the MANTA Controller and give your guests a unique experience. The thrusters...

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Safety Being a fully certified submersible, there are no compromises with the HiPer Sub. Besides power and freedom, this submersible offers you all safety features that may be expected on a U-Boat Worx submersible. DNV-GL surveyors certify each individual unit to assure they are built to the highest standards. From the drawings till the delivery you may be rest assured that each components it scrutinized, tested and certified. Only this way we can ensure we deliver the quality rightly expected from a Dutch marine builder. Testing process: ■ Drawings ■ Simulations ■ Pressure Tests ■ Testing in...

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Safety Systems When we are developing the safety systems of our submersibles we no longer think of diving. We start by designing systems that bring you to the surface. Depth-protection: never go below the maximum operating depth, this system prevents the submersible from diving too deep. If you proceed beyond the depth limit, the submersible automatically returns to the surface. Emergency Buoy:    mark your location on the surface with this releasable buoy. You can even lift the submersible to the waterline with this high tensile line. Dead Man's Switch:    every 10 minutes the pilot needs to...

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EXPLORE FROM YOUR YACHT Our obsession about keeping the weight of the submersible as low as possible makes it possible to operate the HiPer Sub from more yachts than ever before. Launch your submersible anytime, anywhere.

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Launch & Recovery The flexible lifting points on the HiPer Sub can be attached to any lifting equipment. With the MARLIN controller you can steer the submersible away from the yacht or bring it in position for recovery. Safely board your submersible in the water. With the high freeboard you can access the submersible without having to worry about water splashing in. Unlike other sports submersibles, passengers can board without getting their feet wet. Integration With the HiPer Sub taking so little space on board and at just 136 cm high, it will make a great addition to your yacht's equipment....

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Training Follow the training for the HiPer Sub yourself, or have your crew trained. Under supervision of an experienced pilot anyone will be able to drive the submersible with the MANTA Controller. Alternatively, you can also simply hire a skilled pilot from U-Boat Worx. During the training you will learn about all systems and how to manoeuvre the submersible. The training will only last 2 weeks and after that you are ready for action. Maintenance To keep maintenance low we only use materials of the highest quality and resistant against sea water. All the submersible requires is a thorough freshwater...

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