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Catalog excerpts


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Challenging Limits The C-Researcher series offers scientists, researchers, documentary makers and explorers the most outstanding submersibles ever built. Apart from the fact that these versatile submarines are ideally suited for research, their view, efficiency and speed make them also perfect for those who simply wish take in the views of the subsea world. The six different submarines in the C-Researcher series let private explorers and research organisations pick the most suitable submersible for their mission objectives.

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Occupants Maximum Operating Depth Operational Autonomy Type Classification DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Submersible Length Submersible Width Submersible Height Weight PRESSURE HULL C-RESEARCHER 2 - 500 1 pilot and 1 passenger 500 meters 1,640 feet Up to 18 hours Dry, 1 Atmosphere DNV GL C-RESEARCHER 2 - 3000 1 pilot and 1 passenger 3,000 meters 9,840 feet Up to 18 hours Dry, 1 Atmosphere DNV GL C-RESEARCHER 3 - 480 1 pilot and 2 passengers 480 meters 1,575 feet Up to 18 hours Dry, 1 Atmosphere DNV GL C-RESEARCHER 3 - 1100 1 pilot and 2 passengers 1,100 meters 3,600 feet Up to 18 hours Dry, 1 Atmosphere DNV...

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BALLAST & BUOYANCY SYSTEMS Number of Ballast Tanks    2 Compressed Air Capacity    4 x 50 liter @ 300 bar Hydraulically Released Weight    Yes Buoyancy Tank    Yes NAVIGATION, COMMUNICATION, AUXILIARY POWER CAPACITY Total Power Capacity Battery Type Propulsion System Capacity House System Capacity Charging (Optimal Cycle) Emergency Battery Air Conditioner System Underwater Communication Surface Communication Navigation Control System U-Boat Worx Information System 62 kWh Pressure-tolerant High Capacity Lithium-ion 2 x 260 VDC Battery Packs 2 x 24 VDC Battery Packs 6 hours 96 hours for Critical...

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At U-Boat Worx we do everything possible to give you the best and safest diving experience possible. Since our start in 2005 we have grown to become the largest private submersible builder in the world. Our large fleet consists of 20 different models, and has changed the standards for private submersibles. Each U-Boat Worx submersible is engineered and built to the highest standards. Leading Classification Society DNV GL individually classes each submersible by extensively testing each component. It is our innovation and in-house engineering that have led to many “world-firsts” and achievements...

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Service & Support U-Boat Worx provides a comprehensive support programme that covers full operational management, the provision of crew, or simply suggesting expedition itineraries and dive locations. SUBSUPPORT We take great care of our clients. Owning a private submarine is a seamless process. Your dedicated personal U-Boat Worx concierge is available worldwide, 24/7. Selecting dive sites along your planned itinerary, providing our expert pilots, or arranging the annual survey – these are just a few examples of the many services we provide. We endeavour to ensure you always have the best possible...

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U-Boat Worx B.V. Oosterhoutseweg 77 4816 KC Breda The Netherlands +31 (0)76 571 30 96 info@uboatworx.com www.uboatworx.com

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