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Catalogue excerpts

c-researcher 3 1,700 meters / 5,755 feet - 2 passengers, 1 pilot

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Private submersibles have always offered a unique way to explore the world’s oceans. Unlike a remotely-operated vehicle, they put you right at the heart of your subject. But in the past, deep sea submersibles have always been very large and heavy. These bulky craft had small viewports and were very expensive to buy and operate. The C-Researcher 3, with its unparalleled vision and ultra low maintenance requirements, makes diving a truly immersive and stress-free experience. 2. an-rated single lifting point M The basic submersible can be equipped with an array of external tools (manipulator arms,...

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THE BEST VIEW AT D E P T H To achieve a crystal-clear view, the latest techniques and finest materials are used to create the most optically-perfect acrylic sphere possible. Hundreds of hours are spent polishing the dome, guaranteeing the best possible view. By putting most of the submarine’s systems at the back, behind the pressure hull, the widest possible field of vision is assured – including downwards. This means external tools are easily and accurately controlled

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CHALLENGING LIMITS Join the elite explorers, challenge the deep and roam parts of the world only a lucky few have been before.

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LUXURIOUS COMFORT Great attention to detail is paid to the interior of the submersible. The spacious hull offers ample head and leg room with luxurious leather seating designed specifically for comfort. The interiors can also be customised to your requirements and matched to mimic your company’s or yacht’s design themes. Once submerged, the acrylic Sphere virtually disappears giving the feeling of being suspended in an endless aquarium

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SMART DESIGN The small footprint of this deep-diving submersible the C-Researcher 3, means it can be easily integrated onto smaller support vessels and yachts. Shore storage and transportation can be achieved in a shipping container. E A S I E S T TO O P E R AT E The intuitive controls of the C-Researcher 3 were designed to reduce the Pilot’s mental workload so she can focus more on the wonderful under-sea environment. U-Boat Worx Information System (UIS) Our specially-designed integrated monitoring system brings all the info the pilot need to a single easy-to-read touch screen. The user-friendly...

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O P T I O N S & TOO LS Whether you want to explore and catalogue an ancient wreck site or simply dive to watch the fish feeding along a coral reef, an extensive list of options are available. Custom equipment is available, for example equipment for collecting a specific kind of algae, or to measure the quality of the water at a certain depth. Whatever your needs, our in-house engineering team can develop the equipment for you. Tools & Sampling Measurements Systems

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LONGEST ENDURANCE HIGHEST MANEUVERABILITY To recap, thanks to the latest battery technology, the C-Researcher 3 offers dive times of up to 12 hours in normal con- The C-Researcher 3 is equipped with 6 powerful thrusters, efficiently positioned to provide the freedom you need to manoeuvre and explore with precision. ditions. To achieve these operational depths, we have developed a lighter, more compact and pressure tolerant battery Other deep-diving submarines can take 2 hours to reach 1,700 meters depth - the C-Researcher will get you there in 30 minutes. This outstanding ability allows for vastly...

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STRESS-FREE LAUNCH AND R E C OV E RY Launch and recovery are one of the most critical moments of an operation. The submersible’s single lifting point makes it possible to work with a quick-release mechanism so you don’t need anyone in the water to unhook it. The C-Researcher 3 is Man-rated meaning you can launch the submersible with the crew and passengers already aboard. You also can board the submersible when it’s in the water thanks to the unique Freeboard Extender. O P T I M A L S U R FA C E C A P A B I L I T I E S The C-Researcher 3 is also equipped with the unique MARLIN wireless remote...

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I M M E D I A T E LY R E A DY F O R AC T I O N Post and pre-dive maintenance could not be simpler. Simply connect the tablet and see the status of all systems while recharging the air and life support as required. Pre-dive checks are comprehensive but quickly completed. After the day’s operations, a quick rinse with fresh water and connection to the battery chargers is all that’s required. The use of highest quality materials assures excellent reliability and very low maintenance. Smart engineering along with the MARLIN controller mean that only minimal crew are required to operate the submersible.

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There are numerous tiers of safety built into all U-Boat Worx submersibles making them the safest in the world. In the highly unlikely event of a power failure, the submersible is positively buoyant so will always float to the surface. Should the pilot become incapacitated, the C-Researcher 3 will automatically return to the surface. Each submersible is built to stringent standards and an extensive program of tests. This process is continuously inspected and on completion, the vessel will be certified by DNV-GL. Besides mandatory safety features U-Boat Worx invests a lot of time in developing...

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THE BEST SUBMERSIBLE F O R D E E P W AT E R M I S S I O N S The C-Researcher 3 offers the highest levels of comfort, safety and operational capabilities along with an unparalleled field of vision. U-Boat Worx is a well-established company with years of experience, able to support their products for many years into the future. Owners can be assured they are purchasing the very best submersible on the market with a phenomenal range of options and accessories to enhance their diving experience.

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Built to the highest standard Service & Support SubExpedition Program Each U-Boat Worx submersible is engineered and built to the highest standards, Need a modification to suit your particular use? Consider it done. Assisted by a wide In U-Boat Worx’ pursuit of continuous excellence, you can count on us to support Need a suggestion on where to dive? Want to use your submersible for science? individually classed by leading Classification Society DNV-GL and optionally certified range of proven core components used in our range of submersibles, and with our our submersible around the clock and around...

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