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Surface Buoyancy

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Trelleborg MArI N e AND IN FRASTRUCTURE Surface Buoyancy PRODUCT Brochure

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Surface Buoyancy Shipping never stops and neither can you if you want to keep your clients happy. Trelleborg Marine Systems take the pressure off by understanding your environment and applying the local knowledge of a worldwide workforce to your unique needs. Only Trelleborg have experienced engineers in R&D, design, manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance. That means we have the know how and the end-to-end capabilities to ensure your systems keep performing at their optimum level. For the very best end-to-end solutions that come with unrivalled lifecycle value and peace of...

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Surface Buoyancy Trelleborg Marine Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Surface Buoyancy products. The size and diversity of the marine marketplace makes it one of the most challenging environments to work in. It is a global market that covers a breadth of applications, and requires high quality, engineered solutions that work onshore, offshore and onboard. Our proven competencies in polymer engineering and the production of buoyancy products enables us to service the commercial sector with a comprehensive range of resilient foam buoys and fendering solutions. Ensure...

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WHAT END-TO-END REALLY MEANS When you choose Trelleborg you ensure your expectations will be met, because we deliver a truly end-to-end service – retaining vigilance and full control at every stage. C O N S U LTAT I O N Consultation to assist you at the earliest stage of your project, with full technical support available from our global office network CONCEPT Conceptual design in our local office – with full knowledge of local standards and regulations, delivered in your language DESIGN Concepts taken to our global design center in India where our team generates 3D CAD designs,...

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Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys Manufactured from resilient, closed cell polyethylene foam, Trelleborg Marine Systems’ Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys (APBs) are designed to withstand the rigorous conditions associated with the offshore industry. Designed specifically with large flat surfaces for safe and secure storage on board anchor handling vessels, Trelleborg Marine Systems’ APBs have an enviable reputation for quality and performance. Trelleborg Marine Systems Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys are constructed by laminating resilient polyethylene foam around a central steel member with a...

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The closed cell structure of the resilient polyethylene foam core means that the buoy will not absorb water, even if the skin is punctured therefore maintaining buoyancy and functionality. The table below shows a range of standard sizes only, other sizes or specific buoyancy/ dimensions required can be evaluated on application. A variety of steelwork options, e.g. anchor cross, pad eye, swivels etc. (see diagram) are available. Standard colors are orange or yellow but other colors are available on request. Further options include internal radar reflectors, reflective tape and navigation...

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Modular Anchor Pendant Buoys Trelleborg Marine Systems offers two types of surface modular Anchor Pendant Buoy: ❙ Standard Modular Anchor Pendant Buoy ❙ Donut Modular Anchor Pendant Buoy Standard Modular Buoys Standard Modular Anchor Pendant Buoy Standard Modular Anchor Pendant buoys consist of removable, interchangeable modules with discrete end modules and center modules assembled onto central steelwork and fixed in position with retaining flanges, making up buoys ranging from 1Te to 100Te nett buoyancy. This system allows for the number of center modules to vary according to the nett...

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For over twenty years Donut Modular Anchor Pendant Buoys have been successfully manufactured and supplied by Trelleborg Marine Systems, mainly for pipe laying operations. They were first introduced in the mid 1980’s to replace traditional heavy steel buoys which were outlawed in the North Sea as they posed a danger to fishing and other vessels. The “donut” modular system typically comprises of 2 or 4 removable and interchangeable modules which rotate around a central steel skeleton or frame. A nett buoyancy range from 4Te to 40Te is achievable. The buoyancy modules (donuts) are constructed...

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General Surface Support Buoys Trelleborg Marine Systems’s General Surface Support Buoys are manufactured from a polyethylene thermolaminated foam core encapsulated within a self-colored polyurethane outer skin. Used extensively in single point mooring (SPM) systems, the three main types of support buoy are: Cylindrical Buoy (CB) ❙ Removable clevis plate/eye. ❙ Central tension member designed to suit the client’s Safe Working Load. All General Surface Support Buoys have a flotation core manufactured from resilient closed cell polyethylene foam, thermolaminated around internal steelwork and...

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Specifications Cylindrical Buoys All figures are nominal and may be subject to change. Chain-Through Buoys All figures are nominal and may be subject to change. Pick-Up Buoys All figures are nominal and may be subject to change.

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TelemarkTM Cable Marker Buoys Market research undertaken by Trelleborg Marine Systems indicated a requirement for cable lay vessels servicing the submarine telecommunications industry to have a flexible, user friendly, low maintenance buoy system. As there is limited onboard stowage, cable lay vessels need to maximise cable deployment lengths on every trip. Working with Global Marine Systems Ltd., Trelleborg Marine Systems designed, and now manufacture the Telemark™ modular buoy. The Telemark™ buoy is typically used as a marker/mooring buoy where the end of the fibre optic cable is attached...

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