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Safepilot SmartPort System

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SafePilot SmartPort System

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The Smarter Approach Transferring know-how for smarter LNG The smarter approach for a more efficient port Take The Smarter Approach with Trelleborg Marine Systems Visit: Converse: @MarineInsights Explore: MarineInsights Materials best practice for a smarter port The demanding nature of commercial ports and terminals means you need partnership that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies. You need to work with a partner that combines best practice expertise gained through worldwide experience with a deep understanding of local requirements and regulations. At...

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SafePilot SmartPort System Whatever bollard type your application and Trelleborg is a world leader in the design requires, Trelleborg has a rangeaccuracy manufacture of advanced, high of seven high-performance styles to suit you. offshore piloting and navigation solutions for and pilotage applications. SafePilot is our Trelleborg bollards are precision engineered and flagship product variety of metals including within the category. manufactured in a This new grade SG of navigation and piloting premium generationductile iron and cast steel to software is designed by a of service life and...

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A smarter approach to... CONSULTATiON Conceptual design in your local office - with full knowledge of local standards and regulations, delivered in your language - for optimized port and vessel solutions. Concepts are taken to our Engineering Center of Excellence in India where our team generates 3D CAD designs, applicationengineering drawings, a bill of materials, finite engineering analysis and calculations for both our fender systems and marine technology solutions. Our entire product range is manufactured in-house, meaning we have full control over the design and quality of everything...

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TESTING Across our entire product range, stringent testing comes as standard at every step in our in-house manufacturing process. We ensure that life-cycle and performance of our entire product range meets your specifications, and more. i-i-1 INSTALLATION Dedicated project management, from solution design right the way through to on site installation support. we design products and solutions that always consider ease of installation and future maintenance requirements. i-i-1 SUPPORT Local support on a truly global scale, with customer support teams all over the world. And this service...

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SafePilot SmartPort System The manufacturing industry has been running advanced production management systems for years. Now, the port and pilot business is ready to achieve the same huge benefits with the intelligent SmartPort System from Trelleborg Marine Systems. Our commitment to help pilots and ports to optimize safety, efficiency and transparency in the operations has ignited the concept behind SafePilot.

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Unique Benefits The new SmartPort System offers unique benefits to ports and pilots such as: Increased Safety A Pilot Collaboration tool ❙ Supporting communication visually for elimination of misunderstandings. ❙ Personal folder with automatic back up for easy restoring of lost device. ❙ Pilot has real time access to all information of value e.g. schedules, sensors or other players e.g. tug boats directly from the pilot display. ❙ Pilot community for knowledge sharing such as: Shared vessel database with ship details, notes and observations, shared routes, fender lines, no-go areas, etc. ❙...

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SmartPort Configuration The SmartPort System combine pilot operation and port administration with all services needed for efficient piloting and port management. All port and pilot functions, data and schedules are linked together enabling full transparency, information sharing and live access to all relevant information with a touch of a finger at the right time to the right staff – and in real time. The SmartPort System consists of the following elements ❙ SafePilot PPU ❙ SmartPort Engine ❙ SmartPort Engine Services ❙ SafePilot Shore Viewer SmartPort System is designed with a variety of...

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SMARTPORT ENGINE SERVICES The SafePilot PPU is an ”all in one” toolbox for the pilot supporting all functions of the pilot from navigation, information exchange to administrative tasks. SafePilot provides the pilot with the necessary real-time information directly on the display for improved situational awareness and efficiency. Furthermore the SafePilot system provides added overview of the waterway as an important part of the SafePilot system is making information sharing easy and simple. SMARTPORT ENGINE The SmartPort Engine is the brain of the system synchronizing data between pilot,...

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SafePilot System The real-time information sharing capability of the SmartPort System provides both administrative and operational efficiency gains. Its customizable nature provides a unique, flexible, sustainable and scalable solution to meet the challenge of the ports’ future expansion. The SmartPort System can be configured to the requirements of each individual port either with a wide range of standard systems and modules and/ or integrating customer specific modules. Furthermore, the SmartPort System can be expanded from a basic pilot PPU system to a fullblown pilot and port management...

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SafePilot PPU SafePilot PPU is the pilot’s tool box supporting all tasks from navigation to administrative duties. The PPU consists of a light weight cat antenna and a pilot display with SafePilot PPU software and access to all relevant data via 3G/4G link to the SafePilot Engine. The SafePilot PPU software is designed in contexts in order to be as simple, and intuitive to use as possible. A clear and simple display minimizes the risk of information overload and information of importance being overlooked. The SafePilot PPU is designed to encourage sharing of information as passage planning,...

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