New premium pneumatic fender solutions from Trelleborg and Teekay - 24 Pages

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New premium pneumatic fender solutions from Trelleborg and Teekay

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Pneumatic Fender solutions with market leading service and support

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SECTION ONE P.2 Introduction SECTION TWO P.3 The Halo Effect SECTION THREE P.4 - 5 Purchase or Rental Options SECTION FOUR P.6 Service Excellence SECTION FIVE P.7 Global Support SECTION SIX P.12 - 21 HALO Fender technical specification

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Strengthening protection through partnership Combining the strength and experience of two industry leaders, HALO Fenders from Trelleborg's marine systems operation and Teekay Marine Solutions represent a premium offering, designed to meet the demands of the Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer market and the wider marine industry. With a proven track record established over many decades, both companies are renowned for their premium solutions, best practice approach and reputation for quality. Both have a rich heritage in and knowledge of the marine environment. This partnership brings together the...

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The Halo Effect No matter the application, whether ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore, onshore or offshore, operators need to select and mobilize an optimum fender configuration to achieve efficient operations while protecting infrastructure, assets and individuals. HA LO F e nd e r s b r ing t o g et h er Tr e l l e b o r g ’ s ma nu f a ct u r in g ca p ab il it y a n d Te ek ay ’ s o p e rati o n s ex p e r t is e t o o f f e r a h o s t o f o p e r at i o na l , t e ch nica l a n d s e r v i c e b e n e fit s , incl u d in g : A wid e ran ge of fen d er s izes s to c ked at s trategic l o...

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Purchase or Rental options HALO Fenders’ unique offering extends to enhanced commercial support. The HALO Fenders offering includes options to either buy or rent fenders, so that operators can align solutions to their operations and financial situation, selecting whichever option best fits their overall needs. ustomers can buy or rent from C globally available stock. ental can either be on a long R or short-term basis. ALO Fenders also offers a H ‘buy-back’ option, and in select cases customers can even buy previously used fenders. a bespoke fender size or type is If required, the...

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Unique servicing and support Support wherever you need it Both Trelleborg and Teekay are committed to providing the highest quality standards, to ensure safe and efficient transfer operations, from product supply to supporting services. The HALO Fender offering provides customers with a single point of contact for consulting and supply, from product specification, to delivery, through to comprehensive field services. Support services include: O Fender selection O Specification advice O Chain Tire Net fitting O Mobilization O Certification & documentation O Maintenance & repair Whatever the...

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Locations Key Stock Locations //China //USA //Middle East

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Faster, safer mobilization of premium pneumatic fender systems via:

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■ strategic stock locations rental and service bases HALO Fenders are fully compliant with ISO 17357-1:2014

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Pneumatic rubber fenders are ideal for permanent and semipermanent port and ship-to-ship transfers Features O Easy and fast to deploy O Very low reaction and hull pressure O Suitable for small and large tidal ranges O Maintains large clearances between hull and structure O ISO 17357-1:2014 compliant O Oil and gas tankers O Fast ferries and aluminum vessels O Temporary and permanent installations O Rapid response and emergencies

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Fast and easy to deploy, the ISO 17357-1:2014 compliant HALO Fenders ensure clearance is maintained between the hull and jetty or other vessels. Risk of damage during mooring is minimized, protecting people and cargo. HALO Fenders require minimal maintenance, so costs are kept down. Constructed of several layers of thick rubber and strong tire cord reinforcement, they will not deteriorate under cyclic loads and a high level of buoyancy is maintained. Air has consistent elasticity and compressibility, ensuring continual performance. HALO Fenders are ideal for permanent and...

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Tire-cord layer HALO Fenders are manufactured and third party certified in compliance with ISO 17357-1:2014. The stringent requirements of this standard ensure that fenders are of a high quality and can withstand the rigorous environments and applications they are designed to operate in. ISO 17357-1:2014 details three major elements of construction: the outer rubber, tire-cord reinforcing layer and the inner rubber. The main elements of HALO Fender construction. The number of tire-cord layers is dependent on the application. Outer rubber The tough abrasion resistant outer rubber is designed...

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The material tests of the outer and inner rubber shall be conducted in accordance with the specification given in the table below. TEST ITEM TEST METHOD OUTER RUBBER REQUIRED VALUE INNER Rubber Before ageing Tensile strength Elongation Hardness After ageing Tensile strength Elongation Hardness Tear Compression set Static ozone resistance 18 MPa or more 400% or more 60 +/- 10 (durometer hardness test type A) Air oven ageing. 70°C +/- 1°C. 96 h Not less than 80% of the original property Not less than 80% of the original property Not to exceed the original property by more than 8 400 N/cm or...

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Regardless of type or pressure, fenders are measured by diameter and length, generally expressed in millimeters (mm). Type I (chain-tire net) fenders are not available below 800 x 1200. All fenders with diameter 2500 mm and above are fitted with a pressure relief valve in accordance with ISO 17357-1:2014. Some applications may require sizes outside of those specified in the standards. Trelleborg's marine systems operation can customize fenders to meet your specifications.

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