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Harbour Marine

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Trelleborg Marine Systems Quick Release

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Trelleborg Harbour Marine (THM) has been a leading global manufacturer of advanced docking, mooring and monitoring systems for The rapid growth in oil and gas terminals and their safety-first philosophy has led to sophisticated systems integration. THM leads the way with a wide range of modular hardware, control and instrumentation solutions that all help to ensure safe berthing and mooring in critical All systems are extensively tested and proven in practice - the main reason why Trelleborg Harbour Marine is the preferred supplier on most of the world's latest LNG terminal projects. Safety...

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11–3 INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS Integration is the key to maximum safety and mum optimum productivity. Trelleborg Harbour org Marine solutions can combine the outputs e from docking and mooring systems stems with environmental and forecasting asting data, fender monitoring and drift warning devices. Local and centrally entrally processed information is then n redistributed to virtual consoles, les, local and remote alarms and to portable receivers on the terminal or ship. Retrofits and upgrades are e also available, so even older facilities can benefit from the latest technology, or systems can...

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Quick Release Hooks (QRH) enable mooring lines to be quickly and easily released, even under full load A variety of mounting options exist for the quick release hook. Typically a cast QRH base is used for new installations. To upgrade older facilities, fabricated hook bases can be designed to suit existing hold-down bolt patterns to replace bollards or old QRHs. THM hooks can also be retrofitted to existing bases from other suppliers, considerably reducing on-site civil works. Hook features I Single and multiple hook arrays in sizes to suit all applications I Base designs available to suit...

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QUICK RELEASE HOOKS Capstan motors are fully enclosed within the hook base for ultra-low maintenance, corrosion protection and reliability. Various load ratings and running speeds are available to suit all ship sizes and mooring line Hazardous Area area operations (where required). prevents contact spark risk. Mounting Bases Single or multiple hook configurations are available. Bases can be cast or fabricated to suit new or retrofit installations. Upgrade options include bases to fit existing anchor arrays. Large Mooring Angles Hooks can rotate under full load through horizontal angles up...

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11–6 QUICK RELEASE HOOKS Single hook Double hook C C D D E E 90° 90° ØA ØB 90° 45° ØA ØB F 45° 90° ØI ØI G G J J H H Triple hook Quadruple hook C C D D E F ØA ØB F 45° 45° E 90° 90° 45° 45° F 45° 45° F ØA ØB 45° 45° 90° 45° F 45° 90° ØI ØI G J G J H H M1100-S11-V1-3-EN © Trelleborg AB, 2011 SO14750_TMS_text.indd 164 13/04/2011 2:55 PM

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QUICK RELEASE HOOKS The hook series designates the safe working load of each hook. (eg. 75 Series hooks have an SWL of 75 tonnes) [Units: mm] All hooks are proof loaded to their corresponding proof load. Mounting bases are designed to accept the combined loads from multiple hooks. Dimensions are typical and nominal. Always request a certified hook or base drawing before starting any construction. Capstan heights (G) may vary slightly depending on capacity selection. Drawings may change due to our continuous improvement processes. Current drawings will be provided on request. Custom bases...

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SmartDock® is a family of docking aid systems (DAS) used by jetty operators and pilots to monitor the approach of berthing ships. Systems are based on lasers, differential GPS or Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS SmartDock® Laser SmartDock® Laser uses a pair of laser sensors to measure the distance and angle of a docking ship from the berthing line. Lasers will function in poor visibility including heavy rain and are eye-safe to the highest FDA Class 1 The data provided to jetty operators, pilots and ship masters is used to prevent over-speed and large angle approaches, allowing early...

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11–9 DOCKING AID SYSTEMS Lasers provide centimetre accuracy in all weathers at ranges up to 200m. The berthing approach is monitored remotely with early warning alarms. Data for every berthing is logged for later analysis and training. SmartDock® GPS SmartDock® GPS offers high precision navigation and berthing. Positional accuracy is better than 60cm using differentially corrected GPS (DGPS). With Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS technology, up to 3cm precision is achievable. Vessels are displayed on digital charts that also show superimposed jetty structures. Rate of turn and heading accuracy...

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ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING Wind, wave and current forces can significantly affect vessel handling, particularly during low speed manoeuvres. Most larger oil and LNG facilities now require meteorological sensors to provide this data whilst ships are docking and moored. Data is collected from a variety of MetOcean sensors via cable or portable monitors carried by pilots and other remote users. Weather station Typically located on the roof of the Jetty Control Building, the weather station can log wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature and rainfall. Visibility Current...

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