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Fender Systems

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T RELL EBORG M A RINE A ND INFR A S T RUC T URE Fender Systems Product Brochure

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The Smarter Approach The smarter approach for a more efficient port Transferring know-how for smarter LNG Connect with The Smarter Approach Visit: www.trelleborg.com/marineandinfrastructure Connect: Trelleborg-Marine-and-Infrastructure Discover: TrelleborgMarineandInfrastructure Converse: @TrelleborgMI Explore: Marineandinfrastructure Discover: TrelleborgMarineandinfrastructure Materials best practice for a smarter port The demanding nature of commercial ports and terminals means you need partnership that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies. You need to...

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Fender Systems Trelleborg Marine Systems is a world Whatever bollard type your application leader in the design and manufacture of advanced requires, Trelleborg has a range of seven marine fender systems. high-performance styles to suit you. We provide bespoke solutions for large and and Trelleborg bollards are precision engineered complex projects all over a variety Best practice design manufactured inthe world.of metals including and quality materials ensure a iron low maintenance premium grade SG ductile long,and cast steel to service life, no matter how demanding the working offer...

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A smarter approach to... CONSULTATiON Consultation from the earliest project phase to ensure the optimum fender, mooring, navigation and transfer solutions are specified, with full technical support from CONCEPTS conceptual design in your local office - with full knowledge of local standards and regulations, delivered in your language - for optimized port and vessel solutions. DESiGN Concepts are taken to our Engineering Center’s of Excellence where our team generates 3D CAD designs, application-engineering drawings, a bill of materials, MANUFACTURE Our entire product range is manufactured...

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TESTING Across our entire product range, stringent testing comes as standard at every step in our in-house manufacturing process. We ensure that life-cycle and performance of our entire product range meets your specifications, and more. i-i-1 INSTALLATION Dedicated project management, from solution design right the way through to on site installation support. we design products and solutions that always consider ease of installation and future maintenance requirements. i-i-1 SUPPORT Local support on a truly global scale, with customer support teams all over the world. And this service...

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Super Cone Fenders Features Highly efficient geometry Super cone fenders (SCN) are the latest generation of fenders, with optimal performance and efficiency. The conical body shape makes the SCN very stable even at large compression angles, and provides excellent shear strength. With overload stops the SCN is even more resistant to overcompression. Minimal performance loss even at large berthing angles Stable shape resists shear Wide choice of rubber grades Applications General cargo berths Bulk terminals Oil and LNG facilities Container berths RoRo and cruise terminals Parallel motion...

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~ Fender anchors / head bolts indicated are based on a particular grade of steel. Please contact    [Units: mm, kg] Trelleborg Marine systems' local office for precise size, material and type for different grades of fenders pertaining to the project requirements. some scN sizes have a modified flange for reduced shipping dimensions. * contact Trelleborg Marine systems' local offices

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* For explanation of CV and RPD, please refer to note on page 9-10. ~ Fender grades below F0.9 are available upon request. [Units: kNm, kN] 7

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* For explanation of CV and RPD, please refer to note on page 9-10. 8

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Fender grades below F0.9 are available upon request.    [Units: kNm, kN] 1. cV: slow speed constant velocity (2-8mm/s) compression. 2. RPD: Rated performance data, in accordance with PIANc with initial berthing velocity 150mm/s. RPD is corrected for decreasing velocity (DV) of compression of fenders by deceleration factors (0.74) (Please refer to fender design manual page 32). 3. RPD = cV (performance) * VF ( velocity factor). 4. VF has been determined through experiments. Its value depends on strain rate (compression time) and nature of the rubber compounds (100% natural rubber, 100%...

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Super Cone Fenders Performance Data* F 2.1 [Units: kNm, kN] 5. For other initial berthing velocities, VF should be calculated saparately (Refer to fender design manual). 6. Performance for RPD is based on a rubber compound with a blend of NR and SBR. 100% Natural rubber compound and 100% Synthetic rubber compound are available on request. Please contact TMS office. 7. In case of fenders are tested in decreasing velocity (DV) mode, RPD = DV ( performance). 8. Fender performance is subject to ±10% manufacturing tolerance (+10% for reaction force and -10% for energy). 9. RPD is reported at...

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Nominal rated deflection may vary at RPD. Refer to the Performance Tolerances table in the Fender Application Design Manual. ANGLE FACTOR (AF) TABLE angle(°) The graph shows fender performance with no chain restraints up to 12 degrees and chain restraints for angles above 12 degrees. fender is fitted with a standard frontal frame. Energy factor    reaction factor

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super cone fenders can support a lot of static weight. The table is a guide to the permitted weight of front panel before additional support chains may be required. There must be enough space around and between super cone fenders and the steel panel to allow them to deflect without interference. Distances given in the above diagram are for guidance. Please enquire if in doubt. TENSIoN If the tensile load exceeds the rated reaction then tension chains may be required. Please ask for advice on the design of tension chains. n    = Number of super cones. w = super cone weight wH = Panel weight...

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