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Docking & Mooring

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Docking & Mooring Systems

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The demanding nature of commercial ports and terminals means you need to connect with a partner that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies. This global reach combined with feet on the ground local presence helps to make Trelleborg the Performance People that ensure solutions continually enhance your operations. You need to work with a partner that combines best practice expertise gained through worldwide experience with a deep understanding of local requirements and regulations. Connect with a partner that provides Performance Assurance from conception to...

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Docking & Mooring Systems When installing or upgrading Docking & Mooring Systems, you need to ensure you choose the right partner. Ensure your provider can deliver the solution for you, on time and on budget, wherever you are in the world. Ensure your solution is designed around the needs of you and your customers, with a dedicated team that has the experience to understand them. Ensure your Docking & Mooring Systems feature technically superior products to maximise durability and reliability, whilst minimising downtime and whole life costs. Ensure your partner can offer you the maintenance...

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Trelleborg Marine Systems Docking & Mooring We have over 30 years experience in providing the very best docking and mooring systems all over the world, from oil terminals operating in sub-zero temperatures, to LNG terminals in the tropics and everything in between. Here’s how we do it. The Benchmark in Design Trelleborg designs and supplies over 60% of LNG terminal mooring and monitoring systems. Quick Release Hooks with integral load monitoring and remote release are matched with docking systems and environmental monitoring to provide the benchmark in integrated marine berthing packages....

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Development and Upgrades Investment in marine facilities is a long term venture. However, vessel types and sizes do change over time, making the terminal less efficient or competitive. Trelleborg can conduct a site audit of your mooring system to understand your challenges and upgrade the mooring equipment to suit. Examples include replacement of old equipment, upgrading bollards to Quick Release Hooks, and the addition of docking systems to manage berthing speeds and impact on the jetty structure. Technology Implementation Trelleborg have a solid track record in implementing technology in...

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Project management process Our consultative project management process takes the pressure off you because our dedicated in-house team are experienced from the conceptual design stage, right the way through to aftersales care. Typical project case studies Portland Pipe Line, USA Trelleborg Marine Systems was awarded the design and supply of the mooring equipment upgrade for Portland Pipeline Corporation’s jetty, which was originally built in the 1960s and is located on the east coast of the USA. Trelleborg have the largest and most experienced team of Docking and Mooring specialised...

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Escobar FSRU, Argentina Trelleborg Marine Systems mooring equipment was chosen for the completion of the 175 million cu.m. (6,000 million scf) per day Escobar LNG terminal in Argentina, to ensure ship and terminal safety during critical gas discharge operations. The terminal operators and vessel masters are able to ensure rapid responses to potentially hazardous conditions through the use of Trelleborg Quick Release Hooks, with Remote Release and SmartHook® Load Monitoring Systems. The new Escobar LNG terminal is Argentina’s second facility, and is located 43 miles up the river Parana del...

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Quality Management Quality management is at the core of everything we do in Docking & Mooring. Our Melbourne facility holds ISO9000 accreditation, which is integral to our processes and procedures, controlling the way we approach each engineering challenge. Our business systems are constantly evaluated to drive innovation and deliver value to our customers, reecting relevant national, regional and environmental standards. An Eye for Documentation Documentation is an essential part of today’s project deliverable. Your Trelleborg project team will fully manage all documentation, CAD design...

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I am passionate about Quality Management. To me it’s the life blood that drives our commitment to give our customers the quality they need and more! Gabriel Ting Quality Manager

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Engineering Design Experienced engineering and rigorous testing. Not only are we able to design and engineer bespoke solutions for all your docking and mooring specifications, we can also test our tailored systems with full scale in-house testing capabilities. The right solution We take pride in tailoring project proposals and solutions to meet your needs, however exacting they are. And when the project calls for an innovative, bespoke design, our engineers will present the right solution, not simply pages from a catalogue. A consultative approach Your dedicated team of docking and mooring...

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Turning a specification into a real project, developing close working relationships throughout the supply chain and delivering to specification, budget and deadlines gives me a true sense of fulfillment. Travis de Fluiter Project Manager

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For over 30 years, we've been a world leader in innovation to meet the needs of ports and harbours all over the world. We've remained true to the principle of innovation, with a substantial staff of experts in research and development, ensuring we consistently provide new ways to meet increasingly demanding specifications. Sometimes a more innovative approach is needed. We will assess the requirements of your project holistically and ensure that the solution we supply is the best possible fit for your needs. Customized solutions Unfamiliar situations are familiar to us. Our in house...

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Versatility Our understanding of the intricacies of docking and mooring helps us to provide versatile, future proof solutions to meet and exceed the specifications of your project, and maximise the efficiencies of your operations. Compatibility We can work with you to integrate new solutions into exisiting projects. Our products can be used with those of other providers and integrated seamlessly to provide full-service, bespoke solutions.

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