Barometer Report 4 (for owners / operators) - 8 Pages

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Barometer Report 4 (for owners / operators)

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How’s your port performing? In this year’s Barometer Report, we surveyed 200 port owners, operators, contractors and consultants on a range of industry issues, with the intention of finding out just how well ports are performing. When we measure port performance, we look at a variety of KPIs, such as throughput, revenue and downtime, but we also wanted to know just how well ports are performing when these KPIs are compared to inputs such as investment, maintenance and support. Over the last four years, since the inception of the Barometer Report, we have seen facilities take a defensive...

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The key impacts on port investment 74% think the need to update existing Already, ports are struggling to keep up with the demands placed upon them – increasing vessel sizes mean existing facilities need to upgrade quickly, but many don’t think facilities are keeping up with the onwards logistics requirements of74% increasing vessel sizes and throughput. port terminals and facilities is the biggest challenge brought about by increasing vessel sizes Alongside existing terminals, a new modern facility is emerging, with state-of-the-art infrastructure capable of accommodating the new breed of...

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93% of port owners and operators expect capital 40% and operational expenditure budgets to increase over the next twelve months The industry’s future spending plans 93% 21% CapEX of port owners and operators expect operational expenditure budgets to increase over the next twelve months Despite the challenges that ports are facing, the 52% overall picture is more optimistic. There is an 19% optimistic view on investment emerging from both owners and operators, and the contractors and consultants surveyed: across both groups, there has been a massive jump in anticipation of greater capex and...

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The specification knowledge gap Supplier relationships need to get an upgrade. It’s time for suppliers to accept responsibility for their products, not just up to installation, but over the entire product lifecycle. Perhaps as a result of the perfect storm of increased CapEX OpEx complexity and historic underinvestment, coupled with the opportunity brought about by bigger budgets and new technologies, facilities are now crying out for more external support. Suppliers should be involved in two ways: upfront in education, and over the product lifecycle. Again, using fenders as a microcosm for...

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The role of the supply chain 75% say it’s essential or important to have the supplier involved in the maintenance/audit of jetty based equipment 31% say the current market offering for product maintenance training is poor This year, the industry is also crying out for strategic supplier support – with maintenance a key area of demand. With an optimistic economic outlook, that’s brighter than before – it’s time to put whole life support firmly back on the agenda. And it’s time for suppliers to deliver: maintenance is also seen as suppliers’ weakest area. The dynamic must shift to involve the...

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Conclusion With an optimistic economic outlook, there’s really no excuse for ports not to invest in solutions that maximize value strategically, rather than taking a short term approach that prioritizes purchase cost over long term value. Investment in port infrastructure has been affected by the economic downturn, but as the market continues to strengthen, there’s an opportunity arising for those that can get ahead of demand and invest strategically now. Those that don’t will suffer in a bullish market, as new, modern terminals multiply and others quickly upgrade. The response to LNG as a...

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Trelleborg Marine Systems designs, manufactures and installs bespoke fender systems, docking and mooring equipment, oil and gas transfer technology and vessel efficiency technology for marine environments all over the world. Our polymer engineering expertise also extends to our range of general marine products, including navigation aids and buoys. Marine Fender Systems | Oil and Gas Transfer Technology | Vessel Technology | Docking & Mooring | Marine Products BLOG: TWITTER: @MarineInsights YOUTUBE:

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