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Trelleborg Marine Systems Fender Panels Fixing Bolts

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Fender panels are just as important as the rubber units on high performance systems. That's why every panel is purpose designed using structural analysis programs Fender panels distribute reaction forces to provide low hull pressures and cope with large tidal variations. They can also be designed to resist line loads from belted ships, or even point loads in special cases. Optional lead-in bevels reduce the snagging risk, whilst brackets (where required) provide highly secure connection points for chains. Closed box designs are used almost exclusively - all fully sealed and pressure...

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FENDER PANELS (ï) Closed box steel structure @ Internal structural members @ Blind boss fender connections (Ï) Shot blasted steel (SA2.5) 0 C5M modified epoxy paint* @ Polyurethane topcoat ® Studs for UHMW-PE face pads @ Lead-in bevels and chamfers* * Options available f Alternative colours on request Steel Properties PIANC steel thicknesses The national standards of France and Germany have been replaced by EN 10025. In the UK, BS4360 has been replaced by BS EN 10025. The table above is for guidance only and is not comprehensive. Actual specifications should be consulted in all cases for...

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Some fender systems need chains to help support heavy components or to control how the fender deflects and shears during impact. Open link or stud link chains are commonly used and these can be supplied in several different strength grades. Compatible accessories like shackles, brackets and U-anchors are also available. The nominal breaking load (NBL) of these items is matched to chains of similar capacity. Chains and accessories are supplied galvanised as standard. Chain brackets may also be supplied in an optional painted finish. I Choice of open or stud link chain I Various link lengths...

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OPEN LINK CHAINS Open Link Chains MBL = Minimum Breaking Load (kN) NBL = Nominal Breaking Load (kN) Stud Link Chains Chain Tensioners Standard manufacturing and performance tolerances apply (see pages 12-36 to 12-39)

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HIGH STRENGTH SHACKLES Standard manufacturing and performance tolerances apply (see pages 12-36 to 12-39)

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Standard steel grade: S235/S275. Finish: Galvanised (85um). [Units: mm, kN] All chain and accessory information is for guidance only. Every chain design should be checked to confirm suitability for the intended application. Select chain system components so MBL«NBL. Every chain system is different. Check all dimensions Chain brackets can be specified with 2 or 4 anchors to suit application and loads. If extra long life is required, add a corrosion allowance. Some slack in the chain is unavoidable and will not affect operation. For special sizes and applications, please referto Trelleborg...

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FENDER FIXINGS anchor design used for installing anchor has a threaded socket, a long tail and a square anchor plate. Non-standard sizes and other cast- in anchor types are available on Standard anchors are available in Grade 8.8/galvanised Larger sizes and special dimensions available on request. Always check min/max clamping socket depths actual The EC2 anchor is used for installing fenders onto existing concrete or where cast-in anchors are unsuitable. The anchor is usually secured into a drilled hole using special grout capsules. Non-standard sizes and other grout systems are E = clear...

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FENDER FIXINGS * According to BS 3692: Table 13. [Units: mm] t Standard washers given. Large OD washers available on request. f Thread lengths may vary depending on standard. Other lengths available. * Refer to pl2-31 for further details about PREN and galling. t Size < M39 unless agreed with manufacturer. f Size < M24 unless agreed with manufacturer. Fenders must be properly fixed to operate correctly. Anchors existing structures, in various strength ratings and with the choice of galvanised or various stainless steels. Standard manufacturing and performance tolerances apply (see pages...

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