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Disassembly External fittings 1) Remove the in and out sea water stainless steel bands; remove the 8x6 fitting connected to the fresh water production (Fig.1); Fresh water production Stainless steel band Salt water in Salt water out 2) Disconnect, using 2 wrenches, the 3/8 high pressure hose coming from the first tube, and the fresh water plastic fitting (fig. 2) 3) Disconnect, using 2 wrenches, the 3/8 high pressure hose coming from the third tube, d the plastic fittings of the depressurization valve and the plastic fitting positioned on the first cylinder (fig. 3) Fresh water plastic...

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4) With a rigid tool (i.e. an hammer handle) make a lever between cylinders and aluminium structure. Fig. 4 – High pressure cylinders lifting 5) Lift and handle with care the cylinders and put them on a clean horizontal plan (Fig.5); Internal fittings 6) Disconnect the white 5/8 fitting (sea water inlet) from the top of the accumulator; 7) Disconnect the grey plastic fitting coming from the reset valve, close the exaust outlet) White 5/8 fitting (sea water) Grey plastic fitting

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Energy Recovery System 8) Unscrew the 2 DIN 963 screws 8x16 from the bottom of the structure (Fig. 7); 9) Unscrew the 4 DIN 912 screws M8x80 and pick-up the top part of the ERS ( main valve) (Fig.8); 10) Pick–up the bottom part of the ERS, with the two cylinders, and put it on a clean horizontal plan (Fig.9-10); Internal nuts Fig. 9 – Lifting top ERS External nuts

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11) Remove 12) Pull out 13) Pull out 14) Pull out the 8 external nuts M10 and the 16 M10 nuts (Fig.10); the two carbon cylinders from the central part of the ERS; the pistons from the rod; the rod from the central part of ERS (pulling and rotating it slightly) (Fig.11); Non return valves 15) With a flat-nose pliers, extract (if necessary) the non-return valves (Figg.12-14); Fig. 12 – Removing cylindrical ring Fig. 14 – mounted non –return valve

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Warning: do not use sharpened objects to remove the o-ring in order to avoid damaging the oring housing (Fig.15) Top ERS part (commutation valve) 16) Dismount left valve body (exhaust sea water side) unscrewing the 4 screws M8x70 DIN 912 (fig. 16); 17) Dismount the right valve body (reset arm side) unscrewing the 4 screws M8x100 DIN 912 (Fig.16); 18) Extract the small rod of the valve pushing out it strongly.(Fig.17); Left valve body Right valve body Central body Fig. 17 – Extracting top ERS (Valve) shaft

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Assembly ERS bottom part 1) Insert the 4 non return valves into their housing; 2) Reinstall the external green o-rings eventually removed; 3) Insert the rod on the new central body; Introduce 2 small fishing lines, well greased, between the terminal of the rod and the pistons (the fishing line is necessary to purge the air between pistons and rod) Press strongly one pistons agains the other. Pull out the fishing lines 4) Remount cylinders and passing pivots. The internal 8+8 nuts must be tighten very strong (up to 30-35 Nm). The external 8 nuts must be tighten (in cross way, like the car...

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ERS top part 6) Grease the small rod with white silicone grease and insert it inside the main valve body (Fig.20); 7) Assembly the left and right valve body, taking care to the correct o-rings position and fix throw the 4 + 4 screws. 8) Position the 8 o-rings between the top and bottom ERS parts (Fig.21); 9) Put the top ERS part on the bottom part correctly, and connect them using the 4 DIN 912 screws (Fig. 8);

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Internal fittings 10) Screw the 5/8 white plastic fitting on the sea water inlet; 11) Screw the 8x6 grey plastic fitting on the left side of the valve to connect it to the reset valve (Fig. 6); White 5/8 fitting (sea water) Grey plastic fitting 12) Reinstall the high pressure cylinders on the supports pushing strongly on both sides with the hands (Fig. 22);

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External fittings 13) Reconnect, on the left side of the watermaker , the 3/8 high pressure and the fresh water plastic fitting (fig. 2) 14) Reconnect, on the right side, the 3/8 high pressure hose coming from the third tube, and all the plastic fittings (fig. 3). Fresh water plastic fitting Depressurizat ion valve plastic fitting Stainless steel fittin

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Fig. 25 – Detail of non return valves

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