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OSNATHERM Areal-Heating 24V low voltage

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Modern floor heating systems for comfortable living

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COMFORT AND HEALTH INCLUDED! Areal heating systems by OSNATHERM are highly eficient. They convert 99% of the energy needed into heat. Unlike conventional water-based heating systems, which are subject to high losses (… up to 50%) on the way to the radiator, we only use the energy where it is needed. With the corresponding accessories OSNATHERM heaters can be controlled and dimmed without any delay. This increases effectiveness and comfort – and is good for your health. Due to high CO² emissions, oil and gas heating systems will soon disappear from the market. In Denmark they are already...

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ADVANTAGES EXAMPLES OSNATHERM heating systems with Nano-Technologie: • 10-year manufacturer warranty • easy installation • healthy and soothing heat • very high energy efficiency • no power losses • antiallergic indoor climate • mold prevention • direct heat radiation • ..invisible heating" • 0.5 - 1.0mm thick heating tracks Application areas: • building restauration • inexpensive room extension • as full and/or additional heating • a „must“ for low energy houses

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Above: thermal imaging of 24V-heating mat Left: Processing like a wallpaper WALL HEATING As a 24V wall heating the OSNATHERM surface heating is an outstanding system which is economical, safe, user-friendly, flexible and extremely comfortable. In addition, it is very discreet and disappears under the plaster, the wallpaper, the paint or under any creative plastering technique. OSNATHERM stands for the highest design standards and modern living. An OSNATHERM surface heating system can be used as wall, ceiling or floor heating Homogeneous heat distribution! The heating tracks disappear...

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CEILING HEATING The application and function of ceiling heating is comparable to that of wall heating. The ceiling radiates a regular and pleasant radiant heat that warms the floor, the walls, all objects and the people in the room. Ceiling heaters are usually installed when there are not enough free spaces available for wall heating. The installation on ceilings or roof slopes is also very simple and highly effective and safe. The installation of the heating systems can be carried out by skilled craftsmen such as painters, upholsterers, room decorators, plasterers, dryers, etc. in just a...

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FLOOR HEATING Due to the installation height of 1,0 mm the OSNATHERM 24V heating system is the ideal solution for renovations and new buildings. All living areas including the kitchen or hall will have a cosy temperature of up to 30°C. Due to its uniform and large-scale heat distribution, underfloor heating has become an extremely popular heating system in houses. In comparison the function of the OSNATHERM underfloor heating system is more superior to traditional water-based floor heating systems. Later installations of common floor heating systems are almost impossible whereas the...

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RELIABLE AND TRENDSETTING The energy efficiency of our 24V heating system is extremely environmentally friendly. The energy is converted directly into heat, without power losses and without producing CO2. In addition, the heating tracks are located directly behind the wall or under the flooring or ceiling, which enables a very dynamic heating behaviour with fast reaction times. This saves time and money. Operated with green electricity, the OSNATHERM heating system of today already fulfils the requirements of tomorrow. The 24V low voltage is absolutely harmless and allows a...

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OSNATECH GmbH Gewerbepark 18 49143 Bissendorf Germany Tel.: +49 5402 7026-50 Fax: +49 5402 7026-55 Mail: info@osna-tech.de www.osna-tech.de Visit us on Facebook

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