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enteron product information pdf (EN)

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Smallest, certified fully-biological Sewage Water Treatment Plant for Yachts and Pleasure Boats Living on board of a yacht or a houseboat is one of the most beautiful experiences on the water - especially in large cities, more and more people spend their time on board permanently. Today’s modern technology enables an independent supply of energy and water on board. The only problem that is not yet solved to a satisfying degree is the treatment of sewage water. After more than two years of research and development, we are introducing the first fully biological sewage water treatment plant for yachts and houseboats, which is approved worldwide by IMO / MARPOL and MED certification: enteron. Our systems are available in different sizes, adapted to the number of persons on board. State-of-the-art computer-aided design and a production process based on CNC milling enables us to implement customer-specific requirements quickly and cost-effective. It is simple: During operation, the enteron requires only electrical energy from the electrical board system (12 or 24 volts) and a monthly dose of our bacterial concentrate to maintain bacterial growth in the bioreactor of the unit. The daily energy consumption is 25-50 Ah and can for example be generated by solar panels. The control system works fully automatically but can be adapted to changed conditions of usage at the push of a button (e.g. overload operation when visitors on board). Maintenance is simple and is limited to the annual replacement of the filter elements and the UVC radiator upon request from the controller. It is safe: The unique cleaning technology of the enteron first separates the solid from the liquid components in the wastewater. The liquid is clarified fully biologically while the solids are macerated up to particle size and fed to the clarification process. This method also works in wave motions on yachts. The clarified wastewater is then filtered and sterilized by UVC radiation. This means only sediment- and bacteria-free water enters the environment. The resulting sewage gas is filtered and discharged.

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Certificates for all requirements: Our enteron was subjected to the most complex test procedure that exists for ship equipment: The control unit was certified according to the test guidelines in the IABG Munich-Ottobrunn undergoing a detailed environmental test. The clarification performance of the system undercut all limits. In addition, we have a certification for the type as well as the testing of our production and quality assurance procedures. We do everything we can to offer you and your customers a safe and certified product. Excellent technology: enteron not only convinced the first...

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Ausgestellt im Namen der Regierung der BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND durch die BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFT VERKEHRSWIRTSCHAFT POST-LOGISTIK TELEKOM MUNIKATION Issued under the authority of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY by BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFT VERKEHRSWIRTSCHAFT POST-LOGISTIK TELEKOMMUNIKA TION Hiemiit wird bescheinigt, dass die Abwasser-Aufbereitungsanlage This is to certify that the sewage treatment plant having a designed hydraulic loading of:    m3/d Durchsatz an organischen Stoffen:    0,05 kg/Tag biochemischer Sauerstoffbedarf (BSB5, ohne Nitrifikation) an organic loading of:    kg per day...

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CfDGUVTest Priif- und Zertifizierungsstelle BG Verkehr Dienststelle Schiffssicherheit Quality Assurance System Certificate SEE17055 Hiermitwird bestatigt; dass das Qualitatssicherungssystem des Herstellers: We hereby confirm that the quality assurance system of the manufacturer: Hersteller (Antragsteller) Manufacturer (Applicant) Adresse Address tom logisch UG Rodelberg 47 D - 14532 Kleinmachnow Gemafl der:    Richtlinie 2014/90/EU (Schiffsausriistungsrichtlinie) 4s per:    Directive 2014/90/EU (Marine Equipment Directive) :n Ubereinstimmung ist it. it: is in conformity with: Liste der...

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CTDGUVTest Priif- und Zertifizierungsstelle BG Verkehr Dienststelle Schiffssicherheit EC Type Examination (Module B) Certificate Hersteller (Antragsteller) Manufacturer (Applicant) Adresse Address Ausrustung (Nummer& Bezeichnung) Equipment (Number & Item designation) Produkttyp Product Type Produkteinschrankung Product Restriction Rodelberg 47, 14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany MED/2 6 Abwassersysteme Sewage systems Specified Standard    IMO Resolution MEPC. 227(64) Die auf den folgenden Seiten aufgefiihrten Bedingungen sind Bestandteil dieses Zertifikats. Diese Baumusterprufbescheinigung gilt,...

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is entering your life Our fully biological mini wastewater treatment plant for sailing and motor yachts, houseboats and large living and expedition mobiles uses natural digestive processes of microorganisms for the treatment of sewage polluted wastewater. For this purpose, the tract of mammals have been modelled as a centrepiece of our bioreactor - the use of natural processes for industrial processes, known as Bionic, is a new technology to make them more simple and effective. is a fully automated multi-chamber water treatment plant, which combines the advantages of the activated sludge...

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Would you have thought that the global computer industry would eventually agree on a data exchange standard? That everyone from schoolchildren to pensioners, even with smartphones and tablets are online at almost any time? That social networks are more important than real friends and their inventors would all be billionaires? Anyone who would have bet 10 years ago that Germany would be one of the first nations to shut down its nuclear power plants, would at the very least been laughed at. The world is changing, quickly and comprehensively. No matter what your personal opinion is - the...

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