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Water has never been so dry. The new Tmax-DryTec. Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH, Germany Thermamax, Inc., USA Taicang Thermamax High Temperature Insulation Equipment Co., Ltd., PRC

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“Wet insulation is no insulation at all ...” M i c ha e l B e c ke r, Ma j o r S ha r e h o l d e r a n d D i r e c t o r o f Research and Development at Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH Fibrous insulating material can easily get soaked in wet conditions or during engine washing. The result is a delayed light-off performance as the system loses useful heat as it dries the fibre. Fuel consumption and emissions are therefore especially high during this phase. The durability of the insulation system is also adversely affected due to the salt, dirt deposits, and water accumulating in the...

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Tmax-DryTec. The first high-temperature insulation that also protects against water ingress. Tmax-DryTec protects fibrous insulating material against water ingress, enhancing its performance and giving it a longer life. Simpler compliance with future emission standards, lower fuel consumption, and easier installation. Tmax-DryTec can be employed on all fibre materials used by Thermamax. T Tmax 3D fibre-formed components exhibit different thicknesses and contours in different positions. This means they can fit the component even better than a 2D fibre-formed component. Extended durability...

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That’s how we keep out the water ... υ Standard LESS DEPOSITS Standard insulating fibre – Non-hydrophobic fibre quickly absorbs water completely. Tmax-DryTec – Hydrophobic fibre is water-resistant and water drops are virtually undetectable on the fibre’s surface. Seven good reasons for selecting Tmax 3D fibreformed components Our salt spray test has shown that salt deposits were less than 2.5 g/m² using the Tmax-DryTec fibres ( 7 mm thick ), whereas deposits of 50 g/m² of crystallized salt were present in the insulating material of the conventional system.1 A unit of mass for the...

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A forward-looking approach – for more than 35 years. One principle has guided us since the founding of the company in 1976: Understanding Temperature. We’ve made handling high temperatures in engines and exhaust systems our core mission. We continue to develop unique solutions and are recognized today as a specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal and acoustic insulation systems. You’ll find our high-temperature insulation systems in both on- and off-highway vehicles, in stationary power generation, in ships, and on oil platforms, both on land and at sea. Thermamax...

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