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A high-performance meta-aramid that drives protection. - 9 Pages

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A high-performance meta-aramid that drives protection.

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A high-performance meta-aramid that drives protection.

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2 Aramids by Teijin Teijinconex® 3 From protective garments and industrial applications, including hoses, filters and copy cleaners, Teijinconex® offers safety and protection across key applications. Thanks to its excellent resistance to heat, flames and chemicals, our meta-aramid Teijinconex® keeps professionals safe, even in the most challenging environments - every time. It has become the brand of choice for manufacturers of personal protective apparel across the world. 2 Aramids by Teijin Teijinconex® 3 Index What is Teijinconex®? What types of Teijinconex® are...

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What is Teijinconex®? Produced by Teijin Aramid, Teijinconex® is a high-performance, meta-aramid fiber. Across the world, the unique value-added qualities of our material allow customers to continue raising performance across different industries – delivering better, safer products for end-users. Comprised of polymetaphenylene isophthalic aramid, this organic lightweight synthetic fiber offers excellent resistance to heat, flame, and chemicals – enabling applications that are stronger, lighter and more durable. In particular, Teijinconex® is ideal for the manufacture of protective clothing...

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What types of Teijinconex® are available? Teijinconex® neo Teijinconex® raw white fiber is a natural cluster of meta-aramid fibers that have not been treated for color. The material's high-performance mechanical properties - including its high tenacity type and linear densities (0.9 - 14.4 dtex) - can be leveraged to enhance a wide range of applications. From protective clothing to automotive hoses, industrial felt, copy-cleaners and filtration systems - the possibilities are very wide-ranging. Teijinconex® neo is a natural cluster of easily dyeable meta-aramid fibers that add value to...

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The high tenacity of Teijinconex® tow is ideal for conversion into high-tenacity yarn. It is commonly used for producing high-strength sewing threads. Teijinconex® KB is a stretch-broken yarn that offers outstanding strength, durability and tenacity. It is typically used by manufacturers for applications that require long-term heat resistance and higher strength, such as automotive hose reinforcement. Teijinconex® short-cut fiber is composed of finely chopped strands cut with lengths of between 1 mm and 6 mm. This solution is typically used by manufacturers to reinforce engineering plastics...

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Fiber properties Teijinconex® offers excellent heat resistance compared to other synthetic fibers. In addition, Teijinconex® delivers mechanical properties that are comparable with existing general-purpose synthetic fibers, such as polyester and natural organic fibers. What's more, it is easy to process, offers a high degree of flexibility, and feels soft to the touch. Non-flammability With a limited oxygen index (LOI) of > 27, Teijinconex® is inherently flameproof and heat resistant up to 400 °C (750 °F) - a property that doesn't diminish with repeated laundering. It doesn't burn or melt...

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PLIFF: Teijin Aramid’s burn evaluation system At Teijin Aramid, innovation and product development never stop. Thanks to our state-of-the-art R&D locations – including our Technical Center in Shanghai, the Teijin Product Development China Company in Nantong, and our Solution Development Department in Matsuyama, Japan – we are continuously optimizing and improving the highperformance qualities of our thermal protection materials. How is Teijinconex® used? As part of our continuing efforts, we have established our own internationally recognized burn evaluation system (ISO 13506), known as...

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Value throughout the chain Filter systems and other applications The world in which Teijin Aramid operates is constantly changing. Teijin Aramid aims to be the best aramid company in the world and believes that sustainable value creation and cost awareness are critical success factors. This means making products that match customers’ needs as efficiently as possible, while ensuring that they meet the required performance level. The aramid products in Teijin Aramid’s portfolio are intrinsically capable of enabling sustainability. For example, with their exceptional resistance to extreme...

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From automotive and oil & gas, to civil engineering, ballistic protection and beyond, our products are empowering excellence in diverse markets and applications around the globe. By enabling lighter, stronger and more resistant materials. And by taking durability, protection and efficiency to new levels. Whether you choose Twaron®, Teijinconex®, Technora® or Endumax®, our high-performance materials are an enduring guarantee of reliability. You can be sure of that. Please e-mail us at: or visit Disclaimer: this data reflects our...

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