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Protecting our Ocean Clean & Safe
“Making a Clean Environment
using our Technology”
Asan Factory for ECS
- Production Facility #1
- Dormitory
Techcross Inc.
Since its establishment, Techcross Inc. has grown into a leading company in the field of electrolysis water treatment through constant
research and development. Electro-Cleen™ System(ECS) is the ballast water treatment system developed by Techcross Inc.
- Office, R&D Center &
Production Facility #2
- Production Facility #3
Techcross Inc.’s Electro-Cleen™ System was
granted Final Approval of Ballast Water
Management System that makes use of
Active Substances by IMO (International
Maritime Organization) at MEPC 58th and
Type Approval Certificate from the Korean
A Electro-Clean™ System
for Ballast Water Treatment System
Final Approval
Type Approval Certificate
B TES(Sewage Treatment System)
C EC(Circulating Water Treatment system)
D TED(Drinking Water Purifier)
G Eco Colorimeter
Electro Cleen™ System Ballast Water Treatment System

Techcross Inc. - Electro Cleen System
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    Electro Cleen™ System Ballast Water Treatment System1
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    Protecting our Ocean Clean & Safe "Protecting our ocean Clean & Safe" Ballast Water Treatment Performance Standard Organism Size Class IMO...
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    Protecting our Ocean Clean & SafeElectro-Cleen™ SystemPrinciples of disinfectionDirect disinfectionElectrolysis process of ECS has combined disinfection...
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    Protecting our Ocean Clean & Safe Benefits "We are committed to provide the most competitive system" For Ship Owner I FILTER I t-\ No...
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    Protecting our "Only one time treatment" Power Distributor Equipment (PDE) Local Operation Panel (LOP) TCP/IP Flow Diagram Ballasting When...
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    Features of ECS ECS is composed of ECM, PRE, PDE, HEU, CPC, ANU and sensor units. ECIV! is installed in-between ballast pipelines after the ballast...
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    ìan Clean & Safe Techcross R&D "Techcross R&D institute continues to upgrade the system and develop new technology." nstant...
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