Tahe Outdoors product catalogue 2018 - 232 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

We’d like to welcome you all with 2018 issue BY Tahe Outdoors

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INNOVATION THAT EMPOWERS YOU Zegul product range is targeted for more advanced and dedi­ cated paddlers. Zegul also features different styles of kayaks like fast racing boats, play boats and of course the famous Greenland series. Quality is reflected in every single detail. Carefully designed and tested hulls offer excellent performance. Sleek lines and crocodile pattern on kayak decks give a really distinctive look to all Zegul models. These high-end kayaks are built with only the most innovative and high-tech materials.

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NEW FOR 2018 ZEGUL TORPEDO Zegul Torpedo is designed to be sporty and fast tandem kayak, which was missing in Zegul range. This kayak is ideal for training or to compete in marathons. It has a good sea manners, a generous carrying capacity and the ability to really go fast. With sleek and efficient shape the Torpedo is fo­ cused on paddlers that want to cover miles. Zegul Torpedo has one round front hatch and one oval rear hatch that can fit all your gear. For small items there are two miniboxes. LENGTH / WIDTH CAPACITY APPROX SPRAYSKIRT SIZE A-CORE: 34-36 kg (75-79 lbs) 3D C-CORE: 30-35 kg( 66-75...

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ZEGUL HDPE HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE POLYETHYLENE FOAM MEDIUM DENSITY POLYETHYLENE ZEGUL A-CORE This very versatile construction is built using vacuum technol­ ogy, which ensures the best weight/strength ratio. This material lay-up increases durability and stiffness of the kayak, absorbing even less energy during paddling and withstanding the most challenging environments. All ZEGUL A-CORE built kayaks are equipped with sandwich reinforced keel area - ensuring scratch and impact strength. Hull and deck are joined using internally both fiberglass and aramide taping, externally a very robust aramide...

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ZEGUL ROCK SOLID We at Zegul took the well known, Arrow kayaks developed Rock Solid construction and improved it even further. It cer­ tainly wasn’t an easy task. Mr. Ilcus from Arrow kayaks was a part of the R&D team and carefully inspected all the lay­ ers at our facilities. After discussion and testing we decided to add another layer of glass/kevlar, making the laminate even stronger and stiffer. The positioning of the pure kevlar keel strip was modified to give even better results. We also made improvements on the outer finish of the keel strip for a smoother and more even result. After thorough...

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ZEGUL DUFA ZEGUL BARA ZEGUL VELOCITY ZEGUL SEAROCKET ZEGUL GREENLAND ZEGUL ARROW PLAY HV ZEGUL ARROW PLAY MV ZEGUL ARROW PLAY LV PE ZEGUL ARROW PLAY MV PE ZEGUL ARROW PLAY LV ZEGUL ARROW EMPOWER ZEGUL ARROW NUKA GT ZEGUL ARROW NUKA LV PE ZEGUL ARROW NUKA MV PE ZEGUL TORPEDO WIDTH CAPACITY FULL CARBON 3D C-CORE ROCK SOLID WEIGHT OTHER mini-box: 15 cm (6’’) day-hatch: 15 cm (6’’) mini-box: 15 cm (6’’) day-hatch: 15 cm (6’’) mini-box: 15 cm (6’’) day-hatch: 15 cm (6’’) oval hatch: 44 × 26 cm (17” × 10¼”) oval hatch: 44 × 26 cm (17” × 10¼”) oval hatch: 44 × 26 cm (17” × 10¼”) oval hatch: 44 × 26 cm...

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TAHE MARINE ARTISTIC ROBSON EGALIS RACING ZEGUL TEMPO LC Zegul Tempo LC is a sporty and fast racing kayak ideal for training or to compete in marathons. Tempo has sleek lines and light weight construction. It has exceptional speed and balance that makes it a great performer and a pleasure to paddle. Tempo LC has a round shaped hull and deck cutaways for closer, more efficient strokes. The kayak is direction stable and easy to maneuver. Tempo LC has roomier cockpit for more comfort and one oval rear hatch that can fit all your gear for shorter day trips. DESIGNER    Zegul team STANDARD construction...

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TAHE MARINE ARTISTIC ROBSON EGALIS RACING ZEGUL VELOCITY Zegul Velocity is a designed to be sporty and fast with slightly increased stability. It has a good sea manners, a generous carrying capacity and the ability to really go fast. With sleek and efficient shape the Velocity is focused on paddlers that want to cover miles in rough water with the option to carry gear for a long haul or just workout with the empty boat and yet still maneuver effectively. designer    Zegul    team standard construction    Zegul    A-CORE optional construction    Zegul    3D C-CORE ROCK SOLID FULL CARBON STANDARD...

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TAHE MARINE ARTISTIC ROBSON EGALIS RACING ZEGUL SEAROCKET Zegul Searocket is a revolutionary kayak with perfect blend of stability and speed designed for broad range of kayakers. Searocket offers the opportunity to catch waves faster and stand out from crowd with confidence. The Zegul Searocket has an exceptional hull design, which makes the boat suitable even for beginners. Our Searocket can be considered as the peak of the sea kayaking. designer    Zegul team / Hans Friedel standard construction    Zegul A-CORE optional construction    Zegul 3D C-CORE ROCK SOLID FULL CARBON STANDARD FEATURES    Light...

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TAHE MARINE ARTISTIC ROBSON EGALIS SPECIALTY ZEGUL GREENLAND [i Zegul Greenland is a classic kayak inspired by genuine skin on frame Greenland hunting kayaks. With the classic lines and low volume traditional design, the Greenland is extremely responsive to paddler's input. Zegul Greenland style kayak has particularly low volume and a tight fit to Your body, which gives You a full control and brings You closer to the water than ever. The kayak has a hard chine all the way along the V-bottomed hull and a high rocker to ease maneuvers. Greenland has a low back deck for easy laid back rolls & rather...

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ZEGUL GREENLAND T Zegul Greenland T is a classic Greenland style kay­ ak with a slightly roomier design suitable for longer daytrips, without sacrificing the true characteristics of the famous Greenland kayaks. The Greenland T is specially developed for paddlers wanting a clas­ sic Greenland style kayak, but with more storage room & a slightly roomier cockpit for longer outings. Greenland T is a low volume kayak that is extremely responsive. The kayak has a hard chine all the way along the V-bottomed hull and a high rocker to ease maneuvers. Rather low volume front deck helps you on the forward...

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