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TACO Sport Fishing Products Catalog - 36 Pages

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TACO Sport Fishing Products Catalog

Catalog excerpts SPORT FISHING

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NEPTUNE T-TOP Neptune Accessory-Ready™ T-top Assembles and installs without welding. • Adjustable to fit most consoles up to 41" Wide • Assembles and Installs without welding • Accessory-Ready™ adapters on outer ring offer easy installation and positioning of rod holders • Outrigger-Ready™ plates pre-drilled for easy installation of TACO Grand Slam 270 outrigger mounts • Rugged anodized aluminum with brushed finish for lasting performance and durability • Unique adjustable canvas top Installs without lacing for faster, taut Installation and easy removal • Footprint dimensions: 39.5" Length...

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Neptune Tele-Shade Offers the walkaround benefits of a T-top with the lightweight adjustabiltiy • Add shade without obstructing deck and gunnels • Mounts to center console for full walkaround access • Stainless steel locking pins and pull rings for easy and secure height adjustments • Adjust to fit consoles up to 46" Width x 48" Height • Clamp-on assembly offers do-it-yourself installation with minimal tools required • Anodized aluminum with satin finish for use in salt and freshwater environments • Three locking height positions (4-1/2' to 7') Neptune Adjustable Tele-Shade w/Black Canvas...

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Outrigger Mounts Grand Slam 370 No more standing on gunnels! Fully adjustable from under your top. • Safe under-top operation V • ersatile design for use on soft tops and hard tops up to 2" thick R • otate and lock-in 12 fishing postions with heavy-duty grip for sure-handling • Heavy-duty offset rotator handle for maximum clearance • Adjust outrigger height with easy-turn crank handle • Outrigger locking pin secures outriggers F • its most major brands of 1-1/2" Outside Diameter 15' & 18' outriggers P • olished stainless steel arm and brushed anodized aluminum body for lasting performance...

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OUTRIGGER MOUNTS Grand Slam 270 Series The Grand Slam 2jo offers durability, reliability and ease of use • Under-top handle rotates and locks In 12 fishing positions with heavy-duty grip for sure-handling • Rotator handle Installs at desired angle to avoid obstruction with top • Adjustable outrigger height for fishing and lay down for bridges, • Fits most major brands of 1-1/2" Outside Diameter greater hand clearance Variable rotator handle installation positioning to avoid obstruction during operation Sport Slam Mount ¿«t Affordable bolt-down with multiple fishing positions. \j j j; •...

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OUTRIGGER MOUNTS Striker Base Strong and versatile gunnel mounts. • Patented hex nut design offers multiple fishing positions • Ambidextrous arms can be used in port and starboard • Arms at 45°, ideal for trolling from gunnel • Remove and stow arms when not in use for security and unobstructed gunnels • Polished marine grade 316 stainless steel to look and perform great for years to come • Available for 1-1/8" & 1-1/2" butt end diameter outriggers • Compatible with most major brands of 15' & 18' outriggers • Template included for installation Patented hex nut design offers multiple fishing...

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TELE-OUTRIGGERS & ACCESSORIES Telescoping Tele-Outriggers Super strong and sturdy even in the roughest seas. • Retracts under 6' trailering, bridges, storage • Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum • Durable marine grade 316 stainless steel buttons, rings and eyes • 1-1/8" & 1-1/2" Outside Diameter for compatibility with all TACO outrigger mounts TACO makes it easy to select the right Tele-Outriggers & Outrigger mounts for your boat. See Reference Chart, on page 31 • 2 separate pockets protect each outrigger • Straps for easy carrying and storage Outrigger Line Caddy Manage your lines. •...

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CENTER RIGGERS & MOUNTS Clamp-on Center Rigger Easy clamp-on installation. • Clamps fit most T-top and tower pipe, 1-1/16" and 1-5/16" Outside Diameter* • Set screw provides added security to prevent movement • Designed for 1-1/8" Outside Diameter, 8' TACO center rigger poles • Polished marine grade 316 stainless steel Sport Slam Center Rigger • Operates from above the top • Spring pin offers multiple trolling positions • Bolt down to T-tops • Designed for 1-1/8" Outside Diameter, 8' TACO center rigger poles • Polished marine grade 316 stainless steel * See page 31 for I.P.S. pipe...

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MOUNTING & BACKING PLATES Clamp-on Mounting Plate Make your boat Outrigger-Ready without welding. • Makes a boat "Outrigger-Ready" in an instant! • Pre-drilled for Grand Slams or undrilled for mounting lights, • Engineered to clamp to most T-tops and arches • Fits 3/4" & 1" I.P.S. pipe (1-1/16" & 1-5/16" diameter)* or • Modular design allows plate to be cut-to-size to fit all tops Installed GSE-ioo-i Grand Slam plates * See page 31 for I.P.S. pipe conversion (Universal Mount), includes 2 clamps and 1 Plate Patent #j,ooy,gu (Pre-drilled for Grand Slam and Sport Slam Mounts). includes 4...

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RIGGING KITS & ACCESSORIES Available in single and double rig configurations • Single rigs a pair of outriggers up to 22' • Packaged in a durable marine mesh bag for storage ■ Premium release clips ■ Shock cord with stainless steel snaps and pulley ■ Barrel swivels, snap swivels, crimps ■ Stainless steel pad eyes and screws ■ Balsa wood floats ■ 100' of UV-protected Dacron® line • Rigs a pair of outriggers up to 22' • Packaged In a durable marine mesh bagfor storage ■ Release clips, shock cord with chrome plated snaps, 1-3/4" float cork and glass eye ■ Barrel swivels, snap swivels, crimps ■...

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OUTRIGGER MOUNT KITS Outrigger Kits • All inclusive kits include outrigger mounts, tele-outriggers, rigging kit and outrigger line caddy Striker Bases Clamp-on GS-100A Center Rigger Sport Slam Standard Center Outrigger Line Caddy

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