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Presentation of the E-Toile Kit - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

T-Top presents T-Top unveils the first entirely eco-friendly product in the nautical industry. T-Top products will be able to be equipped with the E-toile® kit, which uses the solar energy to allow a self-powered lighting in the cockpit, and the use of electronic devices. No connection with the boat batteries, no noise nuisance in the cockpit, no light disturbance for the neighbors in the harbor. The E-toile® enables to charge: cell phones, tablets, air pumps, portable iceboxes, fans, portable video players, VHF, flashlights, spotlights and other various nautical accessories 12 volts reloadable. T-Top S.A.S. - Rue de l'Atlantique, ZA Sud - 85150 La Chapelle-Achard - France www.styleinboat.com - ¡nfo@styleinboat.com

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The E-toile® kit can be fully disassembled. It is not cumbersome and can be easily kept in a storage compartment or inside the boat. It is sold with its slipcover that can contain and protect all the kit parts. T-Top S.A.S. – Rue de l’Atlantique, ZA Sud – 85150 La Chapelle-Achard – France Siret 481 469 534 00012 – RCS La Roche sur Yon www.styleinboat.com – info@styleinboat.com Tel : +33 2 51 40 19 02 – Fax : +33 2 51 40 52 44

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A self-sufficiency of 7 to 11 hours is guaranteed according to the type of device used. A "day" function enables to charge the devices and the electronic accessories necessary for the navigation if the GPS is A "night" function enables all the "day" various uses, and a subdued LED-lighting in the harbor, in the bay or during night navigation. T-Top S.A.S. - Rue de l'Atlantique, ZA Sud - 85150 La Chapelle-Achard - France www.styleinboat.com - info@styleinboat.com

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All T-Top - Style in Boat products can be customized with a E-toile® kit, without having to change the structure (stainless steel), but only the canvas that includes all the tools to install the system. - A bimini canvas exchangeable with you existent bimini - Two flexible solar panels (2xl4W) - Flexible electric cables - A 1-meter flexible LED-band to light up the cockpit - A waterproof electric switch - A storage pocket for the full kit - A storage pocket for the small devices while The E-toile® can fit the biminitop canvas, aft canopies, sun awnings and other sun protection products for the...

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