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Catalog excerpts

Safety Suppliers The VMOSnet is an integrated Fleet Management System covering the different aspects of ship management. The ship database is installed on the ships server and works on the ships intranet. The office system is web based and the office and ship databases are synchronized by means of transmission of changes to data as email attachments between the ship and office. The generation of data files, their transmission via email and replication of the respective databases is seamless automatic process. We give you the freedom to try VMOSnet yourself. Just call us and one of the links below and type the required password and username. Also one of our pecialisrs can discuss it online with you. www.vmosnet.com/tissoffice (Userid :___ Password:____) For captains and vessel management: www.vmosnet.com/tissship (User id :____ Password:__) Overview of the key functionality of the modules currently included in the VMOSnet system is to be found below. Additional modules for preparation of Dry Dock Specifications, Management of Insurance claims, Accounting etc are under development. tt_ http www Ymosnet.com/ti: soft ice/ £ Favorites | jrjj Suggested Sites > g Web Slice Gallery | |* VMOSNET OffsceVersion- l.H.OCD Error on psije. & ft Internet [ Protected Mode; On ^ *t I(l0% T ' SJ - El # - Pnge-r Satety-r Tool? -r j^v f* denotes Core Modules)

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System Administration * System Administration module forms the back bone of the VMOSnet system. All administration functions like creating users, user groups, assigning permissions, inputting the basic ship data, company standards etc are performed in this module. The Administration module also includes the function to define the approval matrix for the various reports and approval processes required by the ship manager’s Quality and Safety systems. Fleet Information * Fleet Information module provides the overview of the fleet of vessels managed by the company. The following information can be...

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Safety Suppliers Voyage Planning Voyage Planning module has features for performing Voyage Planning and for viewing the vessel schedule on a Gantt chart like planner board, with the provisions to view the details of any port of the Voyage by corresponding bar on the screen. Voyages with multiple legs and way points for each leg can be defined along with the details of cargo to be loaded and discharged at each port. vMOi MET - U;i Minting *;;^:UT^, F.inl Ppcje ■*■ Safety ■» Tools ▼ Safety Suppliers ASSET REGISTER HOME >>VOYAGg PLANNING >> VOYAGE Vessel: My Vessel T Tola! Summary (or Voyage Vessel...

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Safety Suppliers Daily Reports / ABLOG Daily reporting of key data for the At Sea / In Port conditions, Arrival and Departure reports etc., can generated from the Daily Report/ABLOG module. Sea passage, Monthly and Quarterly reports can be generated based on the daily reports as above. For special purpose vessels like FPSO/FSO and AHTS/OSV/PSV daily production report and daily midnight reporting function is also included fj. VMOS.NET - User Maritime Associates. | RankrQA Manager | Company:T-[SS Safety Suppliei - Windows Internet Explore VMOS.NET - UssriMaritime Associates Safety Suppliers HOME...

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Safety Suppliers Document Management Document Management module has been developed in order to achieve a paper less document management system. Company Manuals and Procedures etc can be either imported from existing word documents or created from within the Document Management module. Features are also provided for users to comment on the contents of the manuals (both from the ships and from the office), editing manuals, and publishing new revision from the office. The approval matrix for the manual revisions, depending on the company's HSSEQA procedures, can be defined in the System Administration...

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Safety Suppliers HSSEQ System The HSSEQ module of VMOSnet has sub modules for compliance with the ISM / ISPS codes and also features elaborate Audit Module. An extremely flexible approval matrix definition capability is included in the System Administration module so that the close out procedures for the different reports can easily be defined. The HSSEQ module also features a very powerful Search and Statistics function for generating the different types of reports required by the ship manager, both for internal use as well as for projecting their Key Performance Indicators (KPI), to their customers...

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Safety Suppliers Asset Register / Maintenance Each vessel's Assets comprising of Equipment, Spare parts and Consumables can be defined in the Asset Register. The features provided in the System Administration module for populating a centralized fleet database ensures standardization of the tagging structure and ensuring that the company's maintenance philosophy is uniformly applied across the whole fleet. The sub-modules for handling Spare Parts and Consumables are provided with elaborate inventory control functions. The Maintenance module handles the planning and reporting of Planned jobs, Unplanned...

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Safety Suppliers Requisitioning / Purchasing Requisitions can be raised from the ship based VMSOnet system and forwarded to the office using the functionalities provided in this module. The Purchasing functionalities included in the VMOSnet system at the office can be used to send out RFQs, evaluate quotation from suppliers and for placing order on the selected supplier(s). The Purchasing module at the office and thee requisitioning system onboard the vessel have features for replicating the changes in the order status, spare part receipt information etc. Crew Management Crew and Employee data...

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Development Platform VMOSnet developed on robust Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Platform and can work with SQL Server, Oracle or MS Access database System Requirements Operating System Windows XP Professional / Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 Server Hard Disk Space Hard Disk Type Third Party Software Internet Information Services, Internet Explorer 6.0. Headoffice Europe Smallestraat 1 6942 HA Didam The Netherlands contact details: T: + 31 (0) 316 22 82 06 F: + 31 (0) 316 29 44 34 E: info@t-iss.com

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