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Catalogue excerpts

Founded 2003 as a specialist for safety supplies, T-ISS has grown till today to a well respected producer of Solastapes, a distributor of qualified Solas Safety products and a engineering company for Imo signage and Low Location Light systems. Our work starts with discussions with shipsuppliers, owners and naval architects as well as offshore engineering companies, shipyards, authorities and classification societies. They all are being served with a total concept idea this in combination with the motto of T-ISS: No Nonsense - Fast Reaction - Specialised Service and Saving You. Our goal is to improve...

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is designing and distributing specialised Solas Safety products for marine application. In- close cooperation with selected manufactures we distribute these items: Seal Sprayer Seal Sprayer is developed to be applied at relatively ow thicknesses for the best protection of steel, concrete and surfaces of structures exposed to a variety of heavy-duty service conditions SEAL SPRAYER

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T-ISS is DNV approved for mea^rS^U^y^pe^ on all vesseltypes. Trained ager^^^^p^kp^irt^- available around the world///yy

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T-ISS is designing and producing Solastapes. These tapes have all approvals and are state of the Anti Splash tape - Spray Stop vention of flammable spry-outs on board of ships. A marine pipe repairtape. Available in 2 Special developed resin coated fiber cloth pipe repair or corrosionprotection. Light Line Tapes Photoluminescent tape fa^escape- and guiding marking. Exceeds \MW/ ISO standards Solas Reflfefetive Tapes Wheelmark approved sect fqf liferafts, bouys, immersionsuits and life

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Brude Safety AS, Unitor, Dooyan Yards, De Hoop, Provir Besto, Atlantis, CM Bandiere, Castro Plastico, Collinde Ultra PFD, Indian Marine Government, DSS Marine, Tallink, Pi-er, Hyundai, Garant Star Cruises, Tasmanian Shipping, Delt Sportech, Spinlock, Sea Safety, Avmar, Aker Brattvaag, RCCL, Finnyards,

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