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fafty sign - 12 Pages

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fafty sign
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Catalogue excerpts

Presentation Signage Co-owner Safe Sign Group

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- Safe Sign - Safety Signage - Technical Signage // Equipment - LLL Systems - Cabin Signs // Plates - Location Signs // Orientation - Decoration Signs - References - Powered by T-ISS Safe Sign Group

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engineers design, produce and install the complete signage for barges and other ships. In close cooperation with architects, yards, owners and classification officers, we supply our services around the globe. The complete items such as, safety LLL systems, technical signs, pipemarking, decoration & orientation signs are handeled All necessary documents, like fire safetyplan, signagebook etc etc, are made according to the requirements. Ship: Blanco Number: Hoop // Safety Supplier: Co-owner Safe Sign Group

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Safety Signage Safety signage are general in photoluminescent quality which exceeds IMO standards at least 8 times. Upon request we even can supply these items in higher grade. We can make the products on different materials like vinyl foil, rigid plastic, photoluminescent sheeting, glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and stainless steel. Customised products are made according to your design. fighting signs fighting signs CO2 Ship: Blanco Number: Material: Left Exit WARNING! information AND STOPS MOTOR STARTS protection signs Offer: T0606 Offer Material: Glass saving signs Supplier: Co-owner Safe Sign...

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Technical Signage // Equipment Technical signs for identification of machinery, piping and other equipment are an often forgotten detail, we supply here all necessary items according to the standards. models and materials are available like mentioned below. Technical: Fixation Technical: Engraved Technical: Cylinder Ship: Blanco Equipment: Printing Equipment: Engraving Process Equipment: Piperepair Offer: T0606 Equipment: Pipemarking Equipment: Solas Equipment: EEBD Supplier: Co-owner Safe Sign Group

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LLL System LLL Low Location Light systems are used for guiding and as emergency evacuation systems. Safe Sign provides PL non-active products, which simply always work. Light Lines systems work independent without any power source and the insert materials are Wheelmark approved. Light Line XL Light Line XXL Light Line XXXL striping acc striping acc striping acc Ship: Blanco Material: Anodised Offer: T0606 Material: Anodised Supplier: Co-owner Safe Sign Group

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Cabin Signs // Plates Safe Sign offers design work to increase safety awareness. wishes from idea’s into a digital cabinplan, and produce relevant safety information graphically according to our internal procedures and quality requirements. adapted to produce safety information direct to the passenger on board. materials which can be supplied for projects like this are vinyl foil, rigid plastic, photoluminescent sheeting, glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and stainless steel. EXIT ESCAPE PLAN JULIA EMERGENCY EXIT EXIT EMERGENCY EXIT ASSEMBLY STATION the way to the nearest assembly sation EXIT EXIT...

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Location Signs // Orientation The location signs can be made according to the requirements of the architects, in glass with or without illumination or every other material that’s available. Ship: Blanco Number: Material: Glass Offer: T0606 Material: Acrylic / Polycarbonate Material: Acrylic // Polycorbonate Material: Light-up Supplier: Co-owner Safe Sign Group

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Decoration Signs The design-signs we also Several different models supply for shops, public areas, bars and restaurants ect, ect. like illuminated signs, neon light, cutted characters are shown below. Material: Illuminated Material: Illuminated Ship: Blanco Material: Material: Neon Material: Aluminium Material: Acrylic Supplier: Co-owner Safe Sign Group

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Ship: Fjord Norway // Fjordlines Job: LLL measurement, Signage and Decoration signs Partner: Sis Norge // Norway Ship: Done: Superfast 3 & 4 // Tallink Signage and Decoration signs Ship: QM2 // Cunard Done: LLL and Signage Partner: Forme Ship: Norröna 2 // Smyril Line Job: LLL and Decoration signs Ship: Galaxy // Tallink Job: Cabinsigns Ship: EasyCruise // Life Job: LLL, Signage and Cabinplans Partner: Axon Group // Greece Verstegen // Netherlands Ship: Rotterdam // HAL Job: LLL measurement Ship: Brilliance of the Seas // RCCL Job: LLL measurement and Refurbishment Partner: T-ISS // Netherlands Partner:...

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T-ISS: Started 2003, and has many approvals, one of them is ISO9001:2008. We offer safety supplies with a high quality standard, we have more than 12 certificates for several tapes and LLL measurement. Safe Sign’s work starts with negotiation with architects and owners. Since 1996 our crew and network of specialist engineers, design and construct systems to suit the individual customer needs. As the co-owner off Safe Sign group we find a solution for every safety issue. We are the top notch specialists in signage and project management. hope you will find the way into cooperation with Safe Sign furure...

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- No Nonsense - Fast Reaction - Specialized Service - Saving You……. Safe Sign Group

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