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MINI displays

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MINI DISPLAY Developed in response to many enquiries, A+T has developed the MINI display for race yacht and superyacht applications. Typically this would be for a single parameter such as load or string-pot position and mounted close to the related winch or control buttons. B&G has a current product (10/10) for this, but the comment is that it is too bulky for some applications. Its size is 114 x 66 x 51 mm, weight 225gm . Digits are 20mm high. A+T MINI display is shown below with dimensions 92 x 58 x 22mm, weight 98gm. Digits are 18mm high MINI Display VI April 2017 © A+T Instruments Ltd. 2017 B&G 10/10 To relative scale Main Features • Thickness and weight are minimised. • Fully sealed units, Bonded LCD and no possibility for water ingress so can be mounted in the wettest areas.. • Single item of data displayed. • Two options of driving:-• Connect to an A+T MFD (up to 4 MINIs can be driven from one MFD) where the data item can be selected • Connect directly to a DLA1 loadcell amplifier (which also will take a linear input) • Backlighting is provided - colours red or green user selectable. • OEM custom version available for system builders to drive directly A+T Instruments Ltd. 235 Bentley Way, Lymington, S041 8JW, UK +44 (0)1590 718182 info(5)

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MINI DISPLAY Typical configurations Fastnet for B&G H2000 and H3000 systems and displays With A+T MFD for display set-up & lighting control With A+T DLA1 Loadcell amplifier (also analogue input) Warranty and support • 2 years warranty is offered on A+T products on return to factory basis • Warranty starts from earliest date first used or 1 year after leaving factory • 24/7 telephone support is provided direct from A+T Instruments Ltd MINI Display V1 April 2017 © A+T Instruments Ltd. 2017 A+T Instruments Ltd. 235 Bentley Way, Lymington, SO41 8JW, UK +44 (0)1590 718182...

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