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Overview of STX Shipyard Facilities

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Overview of Offshore Business February 2013

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StXOffshore & Shipbuilding

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QHSE Policy As the world’s leading EPCI contractor, we, all of STX yards including top management and staffs respect and care for our environment and best safety practices as well as contribute to the society through the QHSE management system. For this, we have adopted : Safety-First Policy Proactive Incident Prevention Global Standard Quality Management Pollution-Free and Eco-Friendly Shipyard Continuous Improvement of Worksite Environment

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Corporate Social Responsibility The possibilities are multiplied when we all work together. STX Offshore & Shipbuilding is helping local communities to realize their dreams. World Best, STX with Healthy Corporation Cultures Scholarship & Welfare STX Family Volunteer Group Environmental Conservation Win-Win Relationship with Small-Sized Businesses

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2. General Information of STX 2. General Information of STX Shipping & Trading Shipbuilding & Machinery Plant & Engineering • Global networks with 39 overseas offices • 9 shipyards in 4 countries • Total 50,300 employees -6-

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2. General Information of STX 2. General Information of STX Value Chain - Oil & Gas, Renewables From Upstream – Investment, Exploration & Production E&P Offshore & Onshore Plant Value Chain Business Area Oil & Gas Field Investment Exploration & production Corporation Energy EPC of Oil & Gas Facility - Onshore & Offshore Offshore & Shipbuilding Dalian Europe Heavy Industries Transportation & Operation PanOcean Construction Marine Service Energy Oil Terminals Service Stations Power Supply & Distribution Corporation Energy Solar Windpower To Downstream – Transportation, Storage & Distribution

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Value Chain - Marine Business Total Solution Provider in Marine Business Marine Equipment Offshore & Shipbuilding Value Chain Business Area Engine Parts Cargo Oil Pump System Block Fabrication Offshore Plant Equip. Heavy Industries Marine Diesel Engine Power Generation Military Diesel Engine Engine Heavy Industries Offshore Facility Shipbuilding - Commercial Vessel - Special & Naval Ship - Cruise & Ferries Offshore & Shipbuilding Dalian Europe Heavy Industries Marine Service

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Business Area Cutting-edge engineering capabilities and extensive construction techniques 48 years of shipbuilding experience and management system State-of-the-art production system for offshore facilities Synergies derived from vertical line-up structure of Group Affiliates as STX Europe Production Categories • FSO • FPSO • FPU/TLP • FPSS/Spar • Pipe-Laying • Heavy Lift • Windmill Installation • Decommissioning • Drillship • Drilling Semi • Jack-up Rig • Tender Rig • Fixed Platform • Skid Modules • Jack-up Structures • Jacket & Pontoon

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StXOffshore & Shipbuilding

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding STX Dalian Shipbuilding Complex Rauma Yard Turku Yard Helsink Yard St. Nazaire Yard Lorient Yard China Dalian Yard Korea Jinhae Yard GoseongYard Busan Yard

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4. Global STX Yards Fushun (Engine) Dalian Jinhae Yard Busan Jinhae Goseong Quingdao (Logistics Center) Total Area Steel Fabrication Cranes (Gantry) #1 Main Office (Gi Sul Gwan) #2 Main Office (Ba Da Gwan) Pre-Treatment Plant Steel Stock Yard Block Inspection Shop Hull Shop #3 Main Office (Mi Rae Gwan) Skid Barge

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4. Global STX Yards Fushun (Engine) Dalian Goseong Yard Quingdao (Logistics Center) Specification & Layout Located in Goseong (58km from STX Jinhae) Acquired in Nov. 2010 Total Area Suitable conditions for offshore projects - Water depth : -15~-18 m Crane (Gantry) - Bearing capacity of the soil : 70 t/m Main products Quay Length - Drillship, Jackup Busan Jinhae Goseong

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4. Global STX Yards Fushun (Engine) Dalian Busan Yard Quingdao (Logistics Center) Busan Jinhae Goseong Steel Fabrication: 22,000 t/year Delivery : 6 ships (2012) Main Office Outfitting Shop Building Berth Block Stock Yard

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STX Korea Yards - Technology SLS (Skid Launching System) A vessel is largely constructed on the ground, and then launched by using a skid barge that is linked to the quay ROSE (Rendezvous On-Sea for Erection) Semi-Tandem Shipbuilding Method Loading Blocks onto Floating Docks World’s Highest Turnover Loading 6,500t blocks onto the floating dock with ROSE method Launching 3 ships at once with Semi-Tandem Shipbuilding Method

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STX Dalian Shipbuilding Complex Chang Xing Island – Satellite Image (255.5 mil. m2) Chang Xing Island The distance from Dalian International Airport to STX Dalian Shipbuilding Complex is about 100 km. It takes only 1 hour by car from Dalian International Airport. Resort Zone Dalian Residential Area Petrochemical Complex Highway Distance(Airport↔STX): 100 km Driving: Approx. 1 h Vendor(Makers) Complex Area: 1.5 mil. m2 Logistics Zone Shipbuilders’ Zone Residential Area Area: 1.8 mil. m2 Construction Equipment Shop Area: 0.3 mil. m2 STX Dalian Group Area: 5.5 mil. m2

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STX Dalian Shipbuilding Complex Total Area: 5,500,000 ㎡ Coastline: 4,723 m Ave. Water depth: -7.5 m Steel Stock Yard Steel Cutting Shop Painting Shop Steel Structure Manufacturing & Pre. Outfitting Shop

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STX Dalian Shipbuilding Complex Skid Barge Length of All Breadth Outside Breadth Inside Pontoon Height Lifting Capacity Skid Berth No. Length Width 1 Lifting Capacity Length Inside Breadth Inside

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International Shipbuilding Group with Head Office in Oslo, Norway since 1841 4,900 Employees & 5 Shipyards in Finland, France. Continuous Technology Development : AARC(Aker Arctic Research Center) STX France • STX France has three shipyards : Lorient ,Saint-Nazaire • Lorient Shipyard : Offshore patrol vessels, Specialized ships and Passenger ships • Saint-Nazaire Shipyard : Passenger ships, Naval ships, Specialized ships STX Finland • STX Finland has three shipyards : Turku, Rauma, Helsinki • Turku Shipyard : Cruise ships, specialized ships, Offshore units • Rauma Shipyard : Ferries,...

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