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Solbian Brochure

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New energy, a whole new story Flexible, light and resilient, resisting the harshest environmental conditions. Solbianflex photovoltaic modules are made using cells with up to 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity. All the energy to live your passions without limits.

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Many good reasons for choosing Solbian Product quality, durability and maximum performance, always. P Because we guarantee the quality of the product and its duration in time. P Because our panels are very resilient, thin and extraordinarily flexible, able to adapt to curved surfaces, such as the deck of a boat. P Because our panels are ultra-lightweight: only 2.1 kg per square meter, compared to 12 kg and more of traditional panels. P Because we manufacture the SP series, with the most efficient solar cells on the market: high power even in very small dimensions. P Because the ease of...

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No task is too hard for Solbianflex, with a wide range of power available. Three different series using three different technologies: SP, SR and SX. All with crystalline silicon cells, the most efficient and proven on the market, and using lightweight and flexible encapsulation materials. Three levels of power, all winners Photo: The Sense of Wood, winning project at the Bois Lab Workshop on the short wood supply-chain, organized by the Province of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin. Francesco Zannier.

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Power at the highest level. SP Series SP series is at the top of the range, thanks to the use of selected back-contact monocrystalline silicon cells, reaching a record 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity and with a pleasant appearance thanks to the electrical contacts hidden on the back. Back-contact cells represent the most advanced technology on the market, and make the SP Solbian panels the highest-efficiency flexible panels. Power (W) Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) N. of cells Super Rugged Series. SR Series The monocrystalline high efficiency SR cells are...

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It's never been so easy to get the most out of the Sun ALLinONE series Just connect the output cable to your battery. The ALLinONE series: solar panel + charge controller. To make solar energy simpler, suitable for the enthusiast as well as the professional user. All the electronics you need are already packed into the rugged waterproof box: a sophisticated MPPT controller capable of boosting the voltage to match with your battery pack. From the smallest 23 W model, ideal to keep your battery charged, to more than 100 W, with enough power to supply the refrigerator on your caravan or boat....

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Charge controllers Optimal solar energy management in all conditions. Solbian offers some of the most advanced charge controllers of the market, for optimal solar power management in all conditions. The golden rule for marine applications suggests “one panel, one controller”, but it can be achieved only with a perfect match between the solar generator and the battery to be recharged. By using our selected DC/DC converters with MPPT optimization system (Maximum Power Point Tracking) you will have all the freedom in choosing panel size and configuration, and no matter what battery you need to...

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Connections and fixing options Junction Box Solbianflex panels can be supplied with the junction box to allow connection with the charge controller. Solbian provides a complete kit with cables and connectors for easy installation. Surface Mounting solution When gluing panels to a solid surface, the electrical connections can be made by means of the rear-side wires of the panels with the SM option. Holes must be drilled in the support material. Cables are then extended through the holes and routed to the charge controller. The wiring is thus protected and invisible. Structural adhesive The...

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Headquarters: Viale Gandhi 21b, 10051 Avigliana (TO) ITALY Telephone: +39 011.966.35.12 Fax: +39 011.966.47.20 e-mail: S^OLBIAN

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