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seal is the latest design, aimed at environmental protection • A further extension of lifetime • An increase in operating safety. The work entailed required a re-thinking of the present sealing Micro-Lubricating Film The quality of a sterntube seal depends ultimately on the tech- nical quality of the contact area between the sealing ring and the liner, the so-called "sealing Only an extremely thin and stable lubricating film ensures optimum seal performance. sealing ring we have used the most recent technical know-how. State-of-the-art computers were Simplex-Compact Knee A special feature of the Simplex- Compact sealing rings is the knee shape which is an essen- tial prerequisite for the synchro- nous following movement of the sealing ring with radial shaft A further development goal was to dispense with the inflexible lip support. This has resulted in sealing ring with its intelligent complex knee. With varying vessel draughts the SC 2000 sealing ring is subjec- ted to varying loads, whereby the ring knee absorbs this load by pressing itself against the back wall of the housing accor- The newly developed knee and sealing ring ensure that the load on the ring does not increase linearly with the hydrodynamic Relative to the operating pressure the load on the ring is reduced. Further, the forces are led into the ring lip in such a way that the lip remains angularly stable under varying pressures. Sealing ring deformation under moderate loading Sealing ring deformation under higher loading. The „CLICK" Clamping Concept sign feature of the SC2000 seal allowing the seal rings to be held in the respective housing rings during fitting without the risk of tilting, twisting or even falling This defined and dedicated hol- ding position is a prerequisite the „intelligent knee", and vital between seal-ring lip edge and liner surface. Because the „CLICK" ensures that the ring is in one plane, and tact area on the liner is kept to a minimum, and entry of water High Operating Reliability With the SC2000 seal design new concept and vastly impro- ved performance data compa- was a very important precondi- tion for the new design and with this came an increase in opera- tional reliability. The changes in design brought about an im- proved load characteristic on the seal ring lip, resulting in a much longer operating life of the wear parts, i.e. liner and ring. The pressure within the seal housing chamber is actively respective chamber via a pipe- defined height above the shaft in the engine room, or described in this brochure seal system.

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Sealing Ring Material Selection three different materials are sealing rings is based mainly on the ship's operating condi- tance between the shaft centre is the result of very intensive development over years. The improved performance is shown instead of Viton-Plain for many bunan-S replaces the Perbunan Selection of the Sealing Ring Material and Application of the Pressure Control System H = Distance from shaft centre In order to determine the correct mate- rial and the application of the pressure control system for the respective ope- rating condition the rpm and distance between the...

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Type Designations Technical Specification Split Housing: Axially Split Liner: Sealing Rings: Pressure Control: Ring Anode: Cast Iron Special CrNiMo This seal is equipped with an axially split liner. Mounting or dismantling of the seal Is accomplished without drawing the shaft (the aft housing is also axially split). This SC 2 version is mainly used where frequent service is expected. The axially split components allow easy and quick Technical Specification Radially Split Sealing Rings: Pressure Control: Ring Anode: Special features of this SC 2 version are: • Gravity tank below the ballast...

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Non-Split Version *) ind. 2xlmm packing **) ind. 1mm packing Above weights may vary according to seal execution.

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Split Version *) ind. 2xlmm packing **) ind. 1mm packing Above weights may vary according to seal execution.

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"LEAKPROOF" Seal and Lube Oil Diagram Sterntube Lubrication Oil Diagram "LEAKPROOF" A = Header tank with level alarm B = Settling Tank for aft seal LWL E = Emergency header tank with level alarm With the "Leakproof" system the sterntube gravity tank is arranged in such a way that in the sterntube is slightly lower than the seawater pressure. connected to a 50 I settling tank by means of two pipes leading With the shaft rotating, oil is cir- water entering the oil chamber as a result of extreme operating conditions of the vessel will be diverted through the pipeline drained into the bilge....

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