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Tunnel Bearings and Plummer Blocks machine or plant is determined by, above all, the bearing quality on all rotating components. This applies in particular to the ship propulsion line-shafting. For this reason the Simplex bearings were developed especially for this application as short, plain bearings. More than 21,000 of these bearings have left our works to date under the "Sim- plex" mark of quality. Following consequent further development a range of modern radial plain bearings is available today for a variety of applica- The Simplex bearings have been designed to offer a maximum in functional reliability. This has been achieved by means of a number of design measures; in particular by a short shell length combined with a set screw loca- ted at the bearing centre. This set screw allows exact alignment during the installation. By this method it is possible to reduce the danger of edge loading, normally occurring in plain bea- rings. A spherical centering of the shells with all the known pends to a large extent on the bearing metal, a material with optimum running properties under emergency conditions has been chosen for metalling the removable shells. Of parti- cular importance hereby is the perfect bonding of the bearing metal with the shell base. This bond is achieved by means of a special metalling process which additionally makes a tech- nically advantageous thin-walled lining possible. Apart from this, the running surface of the bearing must be adequately supplied with lubri- cating oil to ensure that the bearing functions reliably. The lubricating ring clamped tight device fixed loosely in the upper half of the bearing. This device, together with the oil pockets in the bearings shells, ensures that, supply is maintained at all times, even under low shaft rpm. An effective sealing system at the bearing ends prevents the oil from flowing out and increa- In special cases we provide our bearings with external lubrica- ting systems which are also suitable for forming hydrostatic lubricating films. If required, we also supply the bearings with additional cooling by means of As a standard, Simplex bearings temperature sensor for remote monitoring as well as a local reliability of the bearing is calcu- lated by computer to determine various technical parameters, e.g. lower rpm limit at liquid For this, the following technical • Shaft diameter, maximum • Maximum ambient • Cooling water temperature T Man. land: without I with centre support As a tunnel bearing ttiete is a beating ih ell m the lower part only. Dime nîidnâ f nr fitting in mm, Shaft talerante required 130 ho. Shaft surface Ri G,3 at better.

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High Load Thrust Bearings Simplex- HL- thrust bearings are single- collar thrust bearings for taking up the thrust loads produced by the ship's propeller. Other applications, such as with turbines, air blowers, cutter suction dredgers and centrifugal pumps are also possible. For special designs the bearing's internal parts are also fitted into or, by using flange type casings, onto gears or engines and mo- tors. The bearings are manufac- tured in accordance with the rules of all international Classi- fication Societies. The thrust shaft with the solid forged collar transmits the thrust In...

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