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09 severne
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Catalog excerpts

Back when we started SEVERNE, a passion for making the best sails we could and our commitment to never compromise on performance were our driving forces. Today, we have added a lot more experience, industry-leading technology and refined style into this mix to produce our unique combination of engineering Our goal remains the same: maximize performance, reduce weight, increase Another 12 months of research and development has seen countless experi- ments that have added significantly to our knowledge database. The main lessons learnt this year revolved around the lowering of the batten positions...

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RIG ERGONOMICS : A unique focus for SEVERNE Sails is rig ergonomics. By analyzing the overall effect the sail's geometry has on the sailor, we are able to build sails that are more comfortable to use in a larger range of conditions. Technically, this is achieved through analyzing the following points: Placement of the center of effort (COE) in the rig, rake angles, pitch, and sheeting angles. Once these elements are analyzed and adjusted, we can deliver the most comfortable stance possible for each design. SEVERNE focus on developing a larger "sweet spot" or area of sailing trim where the rig...

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PERFORMANCE ENHANCING MATERIALS 1. ARC CLEW: The Aramid Radial Clew disperse load from the clew along load aligned patches with internal Aramid reinforcing. 2. SEAMLESS HEAD PANEL, this high abrasion area does not carry any exposed seams, preventing and potential weak point in the area. SEAMLESS HEAD PANEL. This high load area is now seam-free. Any potential for seam creep, or seam-related failure has been eliminated. 3. SLEEVE POP UP: enables the mast to be inserted into the top of the boom cutout, without having to leave your comfortable seat at the foot of the sail. 4. MOLDED TACK FAIRING:...

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REFINED POWER AND CONTROL The ultimate blend of power and control, the Blade drives power down, powering the board through every turn with absolute precision. This Severne icon has seen ongoing refinement and progression. Size by size, the power distribution along the span has been finely tuned to a consistent feel. The larger sizes have a lower power zone, with the twist biased towards a more open head section. The smaller sizes have progressively higher power zones with a very even twist pattern. This creates a more uniform feel between each size - a key component of our wave design ideology. Durability...

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Through the use of new generation materials and construction we have managed to reduce weight, enhance durability, and increase rig response. This translates into unbeatable "throw around" factor, giving the rider the feeling of a smaller rig without the power sacrifice. The weight saving is achieved through extensive use of our ed material combined with extensive Aramid reinforcing in higher load areas. The Secret to the e4 is the load bearing Technora Scrim sandwiched between two lightweight polyester layers with a bias aligned Technora 75D. The result is a material that is half the weight of...

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" To be recommended without limitations" C4.7] [German SURF, March '08] " A freestyle sail par excellence. The perfect freestyle sail" (5.9) (German Surf, October '07) "Balanced Power with fantastically light, precise handling" (5.3) "...the S-1 is superb for wave riding and lighter sailors" (5.3)

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KIDS PERFORMANCE As the legendary performance of the S-1 develops, we decide to inject all of those fundamentals into a youth rig that will enable kids to do what they do best, The XS-1 features our unique e= laminate in the upper body area, this ultra light material reduces the total swing weight of the rig, while the high Aramid content limits stretch and maintains maximum durability. A heavier duty X-Ply is used in the impact prone foot area, the high visibility film window is enclosed with a frame The XS-1 is developed around the youth specific White Line 300cm RDM mast. The stiffness was...

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Designed to plane early and to remain stable as the wind picks up, this lightweight sail is perfect for taking your first steps in the sport. Since it carries the same design ideology and rig ergonomics as all Severne sails, it still appeals to the performance-oriented windsurfer looking for a functional sail that is easy on the wallet. For 2009, durability has been increased in smaller sizes through the use heavier grade 7 mil monofilm throughout the body. While all size feature an improved head construction with reduced seams. The Focus is extremely functional to rig and will work across a more...

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PROGRESSIVE FREERIDE Forget everything you know about freeride. The Gator redefines traditional sail design to echo the demand of the aggressive freeride regardless of the wind conditions. From eight knots on your local lake to twenty foot surf, the Gator will deliver. Ultimately we realized that progressive riders don't suddenly become conserva- tive riders because the wind lightens or waves flatten. If you are blasting along with your 6.5, racing one of your mates, and the perfectly angled piece of chop rolls towards you, why not try to get some air or throw down your favourite Getting down...

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HIGH PERFORMANCE NO-CAM The NCX is the ultimate no-cam. high-speed, freeride sail. Light and direct, the NCX combines the immediate response and acceleration of a race thorough- bred with the stability and locked-in drive not traditionally found in no-cam sails. The design team concentrated on developing a higher tension sail that allows the rider to maintain a comfortable stance through gusts, chop, and wind shifts to provide a huge performance wind range. The construction of the NCX features a monofilm power zone for a crisper response, while the Dropped Clew allows shorter boom lengths to be...

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The (ejlemenf is our softest and most user-friendly cam sails. Forgiving yet highly efficient, the (e]lementr glides through lulls and accelerates in the gusts. It features the snap-on cam rigging style while being the softest, and easiest to rig of the Severne cam sails. The function of the cam is to induce shape in the body of the sail, which optimizes performance in its lower wind range and creates a powerful locked-in feel. The design team focused on improved rotation by reducing skin tension behind the cam area and increased speed through the use of finer profile entry. By maintaining the...

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