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OMNIPURE™ Benefits and Certifications

Treatment Process



OMNIPURE Benefits:

Effective electrolytic wastewater treatment

Treats both black and gray water

Patented, certified process

Compact and lightweight with short retention periods

Low maintenance

No dangerous chemical additives

No odors

No screens or growth media to clean

No filters

No sludge

No dilution

No microorganisms to maintain

No additional tanks required

26-plus years of field installation experience




Supply (NO)

. High Level

Alarm Switch

High Level

(Start) Switch

Low Level

(Stop) Switch

--Surge Tank (V-l)

Drain (NC)

Equipment Certifications:

• International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution

MEPC.2 33 CFR 59

• United States Coast Guard (USCG) Type Test Certified

• Certified for use in Hazardous Areas per NEC 501-1 of NFPA

70 (CL.1, C/D, Div.2)

• China Classification Society No. NYT02610001

• Russian Maritime Register of Shipping No. 97.143.009

• Certified by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

o UL508A

o UL73

o NFPA 70, UL1604 and NFPA 496

o UL698A

o CSA 22.2 14-95

° Applicable sections of Article 500 of the National

Electric Code (NEC)

:e Plate/

/alve (NO)

OMNIPURE Marine Sewage Treatment
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    OMNIPURE™ Offshore Marine Sanitation Devices Rugged, Dependable and Purpose-built for the demanding Offshore Industrial Sector SEVERN TRENT DE...
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    Clean WATER. Clear CONSCIENCE.™ Severn Trent De Nora offers the OMNIPURE™ system, the only marine sewage system that oxidizes sewage...
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    Standard OMNIPURE Units The OMNIPURE™ 6MC, 7ME, 8MC and 12MC units offer desirable attributes common to drilling platforms and smaller ocean...
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    OMNIPURE™ 6MCOMNIPURE™ 7MEOMNIPURE™ 8MC(Optional Overboard Pump Shown)OMNIPURE™ 12MC
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    High Capacity OMNIPURE Treatment Units The OMNIPURE™ 12MX and 15MX units offer increased treatment capacities for larger offshore installation...
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    Automated Maintenance OMNIPURE Units The OMNIPURE™ 12MXMP and 15MXMP units offer the same treatment capacities as the high capacity MX series units...
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    Process Module OMNIPURE Units Process modules are available in the same treatment capacities as complete OMNIPURE units to take advantage of existing...
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