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SAGEM, THE LEADING COMPANY FOR HELICOPTERS’ AVIONIC AND OPTRONIC SUBSYSTEMS COMFORT ICDS (Integrated Cockpit Display System) Intuitive LCD displays of all flight data to reduce pilot workload and to provide better situational awareness: • Primary Flight and Navigation Information • Engine Management • Multifunction (moving map, terrain and weather information, video...) • Different sizes available 6’ - 8’ - 10’ portrait and landscape • NVG compatible Mission planning From gyro sensors to Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and full hybrid inertial / GPS navigation systems, Sagem offers a wide range of equipment and systems to meet all the navigation accuracy requirements of helicopters. • Inertial Reference System with Ring Laser Gyros and GPS hybridization (Doppler hybridization also available) • AHRS with Fiber Optic Gyros • Single axis stability augmentation system (SAS) with fiber optic gyros and other sensors With twenty years of experience in aircraft mission planning, Sagem has designed and developed Helipsys, a completely digital mission planning and replay system, tailored to the specifics of civilian and military helicopters. COMMAND O P T I M I Z AT I O N Embedded Data Management Sagem offers Flight Data Acquisition and Monitoring Units (FDAMU) to record and process a wide range of parameters in accordance with current regulations and for maintenance purposes. EFFICIENCY Flight control PERCEPTION Observation and surveillance The Euroflir family delivers the highest level of performances for demanding missions worldwide: maritime patrol, homeland security, border and coastal surveillance, SAR and CSAR, special forces and naval operations. Based on in-house technology, the Euroflir family guarantees the best availability, short TAT and excellence in long term customer support. • Integrated sensors (thermal imager, HD TV color camera, laser range finder, laser pointer, laser designator and spotter) • FLIR computer • FLIR control panel • FLIR Map viewer • Autopilot (analog and digital) • Series actuation and trim actuation • Fly by wire flight control computer • Single axis stability augmentation system (SAS) • Controls panels To reduce the pilot’s workload, while maintaining top safety level, Sagem offers automatic flight control systems that can to be tailored to the exact requirement, from VFR 2 axis autopilot to 4 axis cat. 2 certified systems. Functions include cruise, navigation coupling, approach and search and rescue modes. Flight Data Monitoring Suite CASSIOPEE, the Aviation Services Constellation by Sagem CASSIOPEE is a new product based on the Safran Global Data Services system, offering a choice of Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) services for airline managers. It ranges from e-Flight Operations Quality A s s u r a n c e ( F O QA ) t o advanced flight safety, as well as predictive maintenance and pilot training. WEFA link

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R HELICOPTERS’ SYSTEMS & UPGRADES OPTRONICS & AVIONICS EQUIPMENT PRECISION Sagem is able: • To provide complete integrated and modular packages of avionic, optronic and missions systems both for military and civil applications. • To take the responsability of qualification and certification. Example of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) available: EC120, AS350 B2, BELL 206, BELL 407 SIKORSKY S61, S64, ROBINSON R44... , Sagem offers a wide range of top quality support services for civil and military avionics, such as repairs, spare parts distribution and technical support. Our goal is to...

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