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Saare 46 - 6 Pages

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Saare 46
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Catalog excerpts

THE YACHT INSURANCE SPECIALISTS SAARE 46 Is Saare Yachts Baltic boatbuilding’s best-kept secret? Sam Jefferson hunts down an example – the new Saare 46 – to find out for himself

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Boat test ~ Saare 46 ALL PICTURES: SAARE YACHTS t has been something of a mystery to me how, over the years, the Scandinavians have churned out a steady flow of beautiful, high quality cruising yachts. Given that all the countries in these northern latitudes enjoy summers even more fleeting than our own, it barely makes sense that they should have such a passion for sailing. I guess they must spend the off season painstakingly finessing their yachts. The list of high quality marques that have graced our waters is remarkable; Hallberg-Rassy, Najad, Vindo, Swan, Malo, Finngulf, Maxi… I could go...

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Estonia’s proximity to Scandinavia has meant it has always maintained a very strong connection with the Scandinavian bloc. Indeed, the Estonian workforce shares a reputation with their Scandinavian neighbours for exceptional craftsmanship. This was a fact not lost on Finish boatbuilder Finngulf Yachts which shifted production of its high quality bluewater cruisers to Estonia in order to keep costs down while retaining quality. Sadly, despite these measures, Finngulf fell victim to the financial crash of 2007/8 and production ceased. Yet, with all the ingredients of a top quality modern boatbuilder One...

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THE YACHT INSURANCE SPECIALISTS • COCKPIT She’s available with either an aft or centre cockpit • SAIL PLAN Her heavy displacement means she features a generous sail plan • LINES By modern standards the Saare 46 is narrow -making her comfortable in heavy seas configuration is that you can locate the traveller just abaft the wheel with the mainsheet leading to a single winch situated to starboard, both out of harm’s way and within handy reach of the helm. The two primary winches are sited well outboard and are also within easy reach of the helm, making singlehanding a painless operation. Understandably, the...

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‘It soon became evident from sailing her that this was a classy yacht’ old school feel to it. The chart table was generously proportioned and situated in the forward part of the saloon to starboard. Situated aft on the starboard side was a rather impressively shoehorned bunk room, providing an extra pair of snug berths ideal for either extra security in the off watch or for visitors with youngsters in tow. The forward cabin was a decent size with a double that could be accessed from either side rather than jumped into from the back. These sorts of features become increasingly important as you...

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THE YACHT INSURANCE SPECIALISTS SAM’S VERDICT The Saare 46 is unquestionably a top-end bluewater cruiser: she performs well, is beautifully built and fitted out and looks and feels the part. Chatting to her owner – a former boatbuilder himself – I asked what had drawn him to the Saare 46 and he said it was the attention to detail. He cited features you don’t initially notice such as access to wiring and plumbing circuits, which were excellent on the Saare compared with other boats he had looked at. In many ways, this is the thinking man or woman’s bluewater cruiser: it is a boat for someone who...

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