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Tunnel thruster PM

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Fact Sheet Tunnel thruster PM TT-PM 1600 Tunnel thruster PM The Permanent Magnet tunnel thruster is a new addition to the Rolls-Royce family of thrusters, building on a completely new approach to thruster design and motor integration. The TT-PM will meet the strictest requirements for performance, noise and vibration, and will be an excellent choice for DP operations. The TT-PM is built around permanent magnet motor technology and a propeller running on roller bearings, supported by a central shaft. The central shaft is supported by stays. These stays and the central bearing housing recover some of the swirl energy created by the propeller, providing additional thrust. The Rolls-Royce thruster has been developed following strict requirements to quality. The thruster contains fewer rotating parts compared to mechanical tunnel thrusters, and thus has fewer components subject to wear and tear. The TT-PM consist of: − Permanent Magnet motor − Propeller − Lubrication system − Remote control drive system Typical applications Suitable for and installed in all types of vessels. A new and patented mounting system, based on rubber thrust bushings, reduces the vibration and noise transferred to the steel structure. This increases comfort for the crew during operation of the tunnel thrusters. The new mounting system allows more relaxed tolerances, and permits installation of the thruster at a convenient stage in the construction of the vessel. The mounting system also allows for easy exchange of a complete thruster, with underwater exchange possible as an option to avoid docking.

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Fact Sheet Technical data TT-PM 1600 Propeller diameter (mm) Tunnel diameter (mm) Max. power continuous rating (kW) Nominal speed (rpm) Max. output thrust (kN) Oil volume (dm3) Weight thruster (kg) Weight tunnel (kg) Total weight (dry) (kg) Propeller type Direction of rotation Drive Hull connection All data is subject to change without prior notice. Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Propulsion - Ulsteinvik Sjøgata 98, N-6065 Ulsteinvik, Norway Tel: +47 815 20 070 Fax: +47 70 01 40 17 © 2012 Rolls-Royce plc Whilst this information is given in good faith, no warranty or...

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