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Propulsion brochure - 28 Pages

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Propulsion brochure

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Rolls-Royce Propulsion Moving your business in the right direction

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Propulsion systems for optimal operations under all conditions Rolls-Royce is the leading developer and supplier of propulsion equipment. A supplier who has the ­ c ­ apability to meet your demands regarding performance and cost-effectiveness. And with a truly ­ international presence Rolls-Royce provides service and maintenance worldwide.

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Contents: Propellers/reduction gears Thrusters Electrical pods Waterjets Customer support

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Controllable pitch propellers Bronze or stainless steel blades and hub can be specified, and a version is ­ vailable a in which the blades and blade seals can be exchanged under water. The Kamewa CP-A controllable pitch hub is an evolution of the XF5 system, ­ enowned for its high efficiency and its blade bearing r a ­ rrangement ­ esigned to avoid peak pressures and cavitation. d C ­ ompared with its ­ redecessor, the CP-A offers improved power to p ­ weight ratio by 20%, a ­ ignificant increase in ­ fficiency and a blade s e foot with ­ ecreased exposure to cavitation, thanks to the...

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The CP-A is available with three types of oil distribution systems; D-F, I and D-M. Type D-F: The oil distribution box is ­ ounted on the forward end of the m r ­ eduction gearbox. Additional intermediate shafts can be arranged ­ between the propeller shaft and the ­ earbox. g OD box in front of gear Type D-M: A separate shaft ­ arries the oil distribution box, and ­ dditional c a i ­ ntermediate shafts can be arranged ­ etween the propeller shaft b and the OD box shaft. OD box in shaftline Type I: Oil distribution ­ ntegrated in reduction gearbox. The reduction i gearbox is a ­­ -standing...

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Fixed pitch propellers Rolls-Royce has many years of experi­ nce in the design of fixed e pitch ­ ropellers. In the US we have our own foundry capable of p p ­ roducing fixed pitch propellers up to 10m diameter in­a variety of materials, to the ­ xacting tolerances required for modern ­ aval e ­ n p ­ latforms. The characteristics of the Bird-Johnson and Kamewa range of FP ­ ropellers provide good fuel economy, low vibration/noise levels p and no harmful cavitation. They are usually individually designed for ­ the specific vessel, to deliver the optimum in propeller efficiency. ­ The...

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Adjustable bolted propellers The adjustable bolted propeller ­ llows the most a efficient blade matching for optimum efficiency, ­ while simplifying the installation ­ rocess. The Kamewa p range of ABP is based on a hollow hub with blades bolted to it from the inside. A unique feature is the method of bolting the blades to the hub using simple hand tools. In comparison to conventional ­ onobloc fixed pitch propellers m the ABP has ­ igher quality blade ­ achining and r­ duced ­ verall h m e o weight, which give easier ­ hipment, handling and mounting. s The slotted holes on the hub allow...

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Promas integrates the propeller and the rudder into a single system to optimise hydrodynamic efficiency. A special hubcap is fitted to the propeller which streamlines the flow onto a bulb that is added to the rudder, effectively reducing flow separation immediately after the propeller. The result is an increase in propeller thrust as previously wasted energy is recovered from the flow. The addition of the bulb on the rudder also streamlines the flow aft of the rudder, further reducing drag. A twisted rudder provides further improvements in efficiency and manoeuvrability. Improved propulsive...

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Integrated propulsion and manoeuvring system Promas with nozzle For efficient high bollard pull applications A natural evolution of the successful Promas, this system unites a new type of nozzle with an optimised propeller, hubcap, rudder bulb and a special rudder profile developed to provide very high steering forces yet minimise drag. It meets the requirements for large pulling power at low speed with a high free-running speed in transit. Components are designed to work together in a ducted system, maximising efficiency and minimising disturbances in the water flow both through and around...

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The Rolls-Royce azimuthing pulling propeller, type Azipull, is a low drag, highly efficient pulling thruster. It combines the advantage of the pulling propeller with the flexibility of using almost any type of drive to suit the customer's specific requirement. The Azipull is designed for continuous service speed up to 24 knots, while maintaining excellent manoeuvrability. High hydrodynamic efficiency, fuel efficiency, course stability, low noise and vibration levels are other key characteristics of the Azipull. Internally, it has a purely mechanical drive system based on well-proven...

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Rolls-Royce is one of the world's leading suppliers of azimuth thrusters. The basic idea behind an azimuth thruster is that the propeller can be rotated 360 degrees around the vertical axis, providing omni-directional thrust. The Rolls-Royce range of azimuth thrusters therefore offer superior manoeuvrability. The simple and robust construction provides high operational reliability along with easy maintenance, which result in a best possible total economy. The flexibility in design makes the azimuth thrusters ideal to a wide range of vessels. The low noise and vibration levels...

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The Rolls-Royce azimuthing contra-rotating propeller, type Contaz, is the world's first thruster system designed and built especially for merchant vessels. It combines the benefits of contra-rotating propellers with steerable thrusters. The latest bearing, gear and shaft technology are the keys to the Contaz - refined and developed through decades of experience. The Contaz also represents a new way of designing and building ships, and to arrange its power and auxiliary systems for maximum economy, utilisation and comfort. Every unit is specifically designed and built for the particular ship...

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