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Propeller and thruster control system - 2 Pages

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Propeller and thruster control system

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Fact Sheet Propeller and thruster control system Helicon-X3 control system for Rolls-Royce propellers and thrusters Helicon X3 is the latest model in the long and successful series of Helicon propeller and thruster (P&T) control systems. The new Helicon X3 P&T control system is fully based on Rolls-Royce Common Control Platform (CCP) technology, using standard hardware and software modules that are common across all new control products developed by Rolls-Royce. The Helicon X3 display is a 10.4” touch screen computer panel, common for all propellers and thrusters. The main view gives overall status of the propeller and thruster systems, system warnings and alarms and soft buttons for operation of main functions. Separate views can be selected on each propeller or thruster for more detailed information, functions and settings. Helicon X3 integrated in the Rolls-Royce operator´s chair on the aft bridge of a PSV Redundancy has been designed into the Helicon X3 as standard. Switching between normal and back-up control (both are follow-up control systems) is achieved automatically with means provided for the operator to switch over manually. Analogue indicators are fed through a separate independent loop driven from the back-up element of the control system. This provides a redundant indication system to the indicators on the display panel. Indicators with illuminated scale (96x96mm) are available for drop-in mounting in the bridge desk or in over head consoles. Easy and safe operation The compact and ergonomic design of the control lever units means they can be located close to the navigator, hence making them easy to reach and operate. This, together with a clear and well arranged graphical user interface, ensures that the Helicon X3 control system contributes significantly to safe operation of the ship. Installation Helicon X3 uses the same range of components for all propeller and thruster types resulting in a unified control desk design. The control lever units require very little space making control station integration both easy and flexible. Cable installation is simplified and reduced through the use of serial line communications. Interfacing to external equipment Seamless integration of Helicon X3 and Rolls-Royce positioning systems is achieved through the use of a standard platform and standard network interfaces. Helicon X3 can be supplied with conventional hardwired interfaces for interfacing to other makes of DP. Helicon X3 has standard RS422 serial line interfaces with alarm plant, conning display, VDR etc. using NMEA 0183 protocol. Helicon X3 control lever units have a compact ergonomic design with integrated pushbuttons for all key functions including command transfer, alarm acknowledge and back-up control on/off.

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Fact Sheet Typical Helicon X3 system overview for an offshore support ship Helicon X3 control system comprises the following units Description Size (WxHxD)/ Installation Control cabinet (El.unit) Main electronic unit, comprising: • Power supply • Application CPUs • I/O cards (DI, DO, AI, AO, serial line interfaces) 600x1000x250mm One unit per propeller/ thruster IO cabinet comprising: • I/O to/from external connections • Local indicator/Control panel Tunnel thruster: 600x600x250mm Other than tunnel thr. : 600x1000x250mm One unit per propeller/ thruster Network cabinet (Viewcon) Viewcon...

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