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za-miliimetre fibre rope Needs 20 tonnes of winch capacity JO-mi Hi metre steel wine Needs BO tonnes of winch capacity 20 tanr es of pulling force to free the 80 tonnes of pulling force to free the bottomsamplinginstrumentfromtheseabed- botta m sampli ng i nstru ment f rom t he sea bed. With the use of our unique Rolls-Royce technology for handling fibre rope, we have eliminated water depth restrictions for taking seabed samples. The unique feature of our solution is that the power required and the safety factor in sampling are unaffected by water depth. If we compare the use of fibre rope with steel wire, the power requirement will increase substantially and the safety factor decline because of the wire's own weight. Since fibre rope is weightless in water, the power requirement and safety factor are depth-independent. Fibre rope also lasts longer than steel wire if handled correctly. This makes our technology for handling fibre rope unique and highly recognised in the oceanography Sector. Research vessel James Cook, NERC. MARINE SERVICES The booming business in the offshore sector has created a high We offer tailored service agreennents and training progrannnnes: dennand for crew expertise. We have strengthened our service and training progrannnne, in order to transfer knowledge to users within our • Eguipnnent service and nnaintenance custonners'organisations. Our service teann has extensive experience, • Crew training they can solve problenns or nnake innprovennents and repairs on-site - • Spare parts often within 24 hours. -Upgrading WORLDWIDE SERVICE PHONE +47 916 22 336 Rolls-Royce Marine AS ©2010 Rolls-Royce pic Deck Machinery Seismic and Subsea - Hjorungavag Whilst this information is given in good faith, no warranty P.O. BOX 1 93, NO-6069 Hareid or representation is given concerning such information, Tel.: +47 70 01 33 00. Service tel.: +47 916 22 336 which must not be taken as establishing any contractua lLllii23J * E-mail: or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce pic or any of its subsidiaryor associated companies. Automated handling systems for oceanographic vessels

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Automated handling systems for oceanographic vessels Following the acquisition of ODIM, we now have the c ­ apability to deliver complete ­ utomated handling systems a for well ­ntervention in addition to our current range of ship i design and integrated systems solutions. Systems c ­ omprising engines, propellers, thrusters, steering gear, r ­ udders, ­ tabilisers, deck machinery and automation & s ­control ­systems. ODIM has, during several years, produced u ­ nique cable traction solutions that enable the use of fiber rope as a substitute for steel wire when working at great sea depths....

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