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New compact control system for smaller waterjets - 4 Pages

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New compact control system for smaller  waterjets

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Fact Sheet New compact control system for smaller waterjets New control system applicable to the FF-series, A-series and smaller S-series waterjets. The system is designed to suit patrol boats, yachts, ferries, and similar vessels and is designed for single waterjet, through twin plus booster units to quad waterjet installations.

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Fact Sheet For the designer and builder the attraction of the new controls is that systems can be configured from a range of standardised jet components to suit a particular vessel. Control devices are now calibrated, and key hydraulic components installed on the jets at the factory in case of new A3- and FF-series waterjets. This simplifies the building phase and shortens installation times. FF- and A-series jets also come complete with the inlet duct to simplify installation in the hull. Rolls-Royce scope of supply as standard. It is also easy to add functionalities and features later on...

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Fact Sheet Three station twin installation, with display and joystick • Easy to install • Easy to add on functionality • Several predefined options available • Intuitive layout of controls • Flexible placing of controls - chair, consoles, indoor and outdoor • Modular CAN-based system • Various standard length cable sets with connectors • Hydraulic valves, pipes, controller and feedback sensors installed on the jet at factory (FF- and A3-series) • Configurable standard software

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Fact Sheet For FF- and A3-series the controls and key hydraulic components are incorporated in the jet unit and calibrated at the factory, simplifying installation. Rolls-Royce produces a range of efficient waterjets covering powers up to more than 42,000kW per unit. The new control system meets the needs of installations with one to four waterjets and from the smallest jets up to the S3-100 size rated at 10,000kW per unit. Main data Water jet FF-series Kamewa FF-240 Kamewa FF-270 Kamewa FF-310 Kamewa FF-340 Kamewa FF-37 Kamewa FF-41 Kamewa FF-450S Kamewa FF-500 Kamewa FF-550 Kamewa FF-600...

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