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Moveable HighPoint (MHP)

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Moveable HighPoint (MHP) Easily installed Moveable HighPoint system for use on board a range of naval vessels Fully interoperable with NATO and other Navies in accordance with ATP 16 Single multi purpose reception point for either liquids or solid stores Can be installed as part of a new build or retrofit programme Standard across the UK Navy (38 fitted) All operations can be undertaken at deck level eliminating the need for working aloft No requirement for the supply ship to use a drop reel traveller thereby maintaining maximum payload transfer Remote raising and lowering of the trolley Raise and lower the trolley without electrical power in emergency Automatic stopping of trolley at upper and lower position The Rolls-Royce Moveable Highpoint (MHP) used on a frigate during refuelling. The Rolls-Royce Moveable HighPoint (MHP) unit provides Naval vessels with the capability to receive liquid or solid transfers at one station from replenishment vessels. The unit’s flexible design means that it can be installed during the construction of new vessels or retrofitted onto existing vessels to increase their capability. The MHP can be manufactured in any length to ensure that the reception points are at the correct height relative to distance from the deck edge, in accordance with Def Stan 07-279. The system duplicates the function of the elevating trolley arrangement aboard the supply ship and enables the transferred load to be lowered to the vessel’s deck for disconnection and stowage. An alternative method is to use a drop wheel arrangement as part of the travelling block in the heavy jackstay rig, but this reduces maximum payload to be transferred. Construction The MHP comprises of a static frame of rolled steel channels, which have additional rigidity for the purpose of: •attachment to the ship’s structure •accepting the load imposed by the four wheels of the moving trolley •providing a mounting for the drive unit either at the top or bottom, left or right handed The trolley is connected to the top and bottom of the frame by a triplex chain which forms a continuous loop with the lower chain wheel driven by an electric motor through a geared reducer. The equipment is controlled remotely from the RAS position ensuring the operator’s safety whilst at the same time maintaining a clear view of the procedure. Safety is key and the MHP will remain captive with a shock level of 10g in any direction and is suitable for a static test load applied in accordance with Def Stan 07-279 and ATP 16. The MHP unit is suitable for Port or Starboard Replenishment At Sea (RAS) operations and consists of a moving trolley housed within a fabricated framework. The trolley, constructed of fabricated steel, has four hardened steel rollers running inside the static frame and is fitted with a NATO swivel bracket and eyeplates to facilitate Heavy Jackstay RAS operations (liquids or solid stores) with other NATO vessels. The trolley also features eyeplates for light jackstay transfers. Close-up of highpoint probe

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Motor The AC motor, foot mounted with integral magnetic brake, is constructed in a watertight (IP56) enclosure to class ‘F’ insulation and fitted with anti-condensation heaters in the starter and brake compartments. Thermistors are fitted within the motor winding to provide motor thermal protection in the event of an overload. The motor is fitted with a facility to allow for manual brake release and manoeuvring of the trolley for maintenance via a lever operated square drive shaft. Control panels A Direct-on-Line type motor starter panel is supplied with each HighPoint unit for mounting in...

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