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Icon DP trainer

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Fact Sheet Icon DP trainer A simulation and training product from Rolls-Royce Purpose The Icon DP trainer provides a tool for operator training and familiarisation with the Icon DP systems from Rolls-Royce. The trainer can also be used for maintenance exercises where online fault finding or signal logging is needed. Functionality The trainer is modelled after the Icon DP system, and thus has all relevant functions: • Manoeuvring (Joystick control) • Automatic heading (Joystick control) • Waypoint tracking • Station keeping (DP control) • Automatic change position and change heading (DP control) • Wind compensation • Selection/deselection of thrusters/propellers • Selectable ship centre of rotation • DP consequence monitoring • DP class monitoring The built-in simulator generates realistic inputs to the DP control system. This comprises dynamic models of thrusters, propellers, rudders, the power system, a six degrees of freedom vessel model, environmental loads due to waves, wind and current sensor and position reference system models. Optional functionality • Two Icon DP trainers can be inter-connected to form a DP2 configuration. • A mobile visualisation setup can be arranged by connecting a separate 3D visualisation to the trainer to obtain a visual response of the vessel and its surroundings. This requires an additional computer and screen/projector that can be offered separately. • An instructor interface may also be connected to allow an instructor to control and guide the learning process. All connections are easily achieved through standard ethernet cables and plug and play technology. Target group • DP training centres • Ship owners • Simulator centres • R & D centres • Universities Rolls-Royce Marine AS Control - Aalesund, PO Box 1522, N-6025 Aalesund, Norway Tel: +47 815 20 070 Fax: +47 70 10 37 01 © 2010 Rolls-Royce plc Whilst this information is given in good faith, no warranty or representation is given concerning such information, which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce plc or any of its subsidiary or associated companies.

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