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Design and ship technology - 32 Pages

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Design and ship technology

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design and ship technology Designing a new level of performance

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Setting standard for future ship design A well-designed ship is a result of collaboration, ­ e ­ xperience, innovation and state-of-the-art ­ quipment. e Founded on core values of reliability, ­ntegrity and i i ­nnovation, Rolls-Royce designs ships as well as major s ­ ystems on board. This unique ­ oncept of integration c a ­ ssures you performance second to none. Rolls-Royce offers a range of ship designs comprising o ­ ffshore service vessels, coastguard vessels, fishing vessels and a wide range of merchant vessels. The Rolls-Royce d ­ esign type UT for offshore operations, launched in...

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Rolls-Royce Experience and advanced technology Rolls-Royce designed vessels, types UT and NVC, are in operation all over the world - under the toughest conditions known to man. Working closely with operators and crew members on these vessels has yielded invaluable feedback. These experiences form a vital base of knowledge, which enables our designers to develop optimal vessels. Hydrodynamics is at the very heart of the Rolls-Royce ship design. The analyses and test results include all components vital to the hydrodynamic characteristics of a vessel, such as the manoeuvring, stabilisation...

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Optimised for the mission and the environment Our primary objective is to create a vessel ­ in perfect harmony with the elements in which it will operate. To achieve this, we keep a strong focus on the overall ­ conomy, reliability, safety, and e e ­ nvironmentally sound designs. Each f of these ­ actors is vital to developing p ­ rofitable ship design for the operator. Our pool of in-house expertise in all d ­ esign disciplines, and a vast range of ship equipment, makes us exceptionally skilled in balancing all these crucial factors c to ­ reate an optimised vessel. Despite the complex...

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Rolls-Royce The design process Basic design Detailed design    Production details General arrangement Visualisations/ Presentations Vessel specification Cost/Benefit assessments Hull form design Tank plan & capacity Intact and damage stability Vessel performance - Motions & operability - Position keeping - Manoeuvring - Resistance/propulsion - Vessel operation simulation STRUCTURE Structural design Main structural analysis Main scantling drawings Deck layouts MACHINERY System drawings (P&IDs) Related calculations Machinery layouts ELECTRICAL System diagrams Related calculations Layouts of...

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System solutions for offshore vessels A vessel designed by Rolls-Royce is far more than just a hull design. It is a t ­ urnkey vessel with all major systems fully integrated – comprising well-proven products optimised to the individual ship and its specific operation. As offshore oil and gas field activities take place in increasingly deep water, Design and ship systems with the emphasis on subsea work, the ­ hallenges grow. The vessels and c ­ a ­ pplications become more complex and need specialised systems to perform ­ ­ more demanding tasks in harsh weather c ­ onditions. ­ olls-Royce...

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System solutions Today, our winches and launch and r ­ ecovery systems set the standard in the offshore sector. Deep-water anchor-­ handling requires powerful winches and our low-pressure high-torque driven w ­ inches are legendary worldwide for their operational properties and longevity. Rolls-Royce also designs deck machinery with heave compensated solutions with Thruster systems • Azimuth thrusters • Tunnel thrusters Power electric systems fibre rope for ultra-deep water operations. Reliable and accurate manoeuvring is e ­ ssential for the performance of precision ­ offshore tasks....

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System solutions for merchant vessels In addition to designs for ­ erchant m v ­ essels, Rolls-Royce meets the ­ rowing g requirements for fully ­ntegrated ­ ystems i s with innovative and ­ ompetitive c s ­ olutions that deliver low life-cycle cost and less environmental impact. We p ­ rovide a wide range of ­ quipment, e comprising engines, reduction gears, p ­ ropellers, rudders, steering gear, Design and ship systems s ­ tabilisers, thrusters and deck machinery, ­ seamlessly integrated with our a ­ utomation and control and power ­electric systems. As many merchant vessels operate ­ in...

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System solutions e ­ missions is to switch to LNG fuel and a number of Rolls-Royce designs, ranging from ferries to coastal and short sea v ­ essels are already in service meeting f ­ uture IMO requirements for both NOx and SOx ­ missions with our gas engines. e Our Promas propulsion system features a CP propeller integrated into the ­ udder r with a hubcap and bulb to increase Deck machinery • Anchor and mooring winches the propulsive efficiency, ­ educing fuel ­ r ­consumption and­ ­therefore emissions. Due to the excellent low load, variable speed performance of the Rolls-Royce gas...

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Rolls-Royce design – platform supply vessels (PSV) The UT 700-series is recognised as a worldwide benchmark within the o ­ ffshore industry. So far, more than 700 UT-vessels have been built or are under construction around the world. The UT range of platform supply ­ essels v provides ­ xcellent motion ­ haracteristics e c and optimised ­ perational costs versus o cargo ­ apacity. These also enhance c s ­ upply capacity on a modest draught. Furthermore, the design is construction-­ friendly. Rolls-Royce offers a broad range of PSVs, from small vessels with the most up-todate features to...

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Rolls-Royce ◄ PSV UT 776 WP is a large platform supply vessel which undertakes supply duties between land bases and offshore installations. The UT 776 WP is an optimised construction based on the very successful UT 776 CD/CDG. The PSV has excellent sea-keeping performance, optimised speed and manoeuvrability and excellent DP 2 capabilities. The vessel is specially designed for services to installations in deep waters far from the land bases. The hull form has a proven track record as the most fuel-efficient PSV in the market. The model can also be delivered with lean burn gas engines. The...

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