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Automation and Control - 24 Pages

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Automation and Control

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Rolls-Royce Automation and Control Human-machine interface for ease of control

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Focus on safety, performance, simplicity and proximity Rolls-Royce offers a full range of marine automation and control systems to suit most types of vessel, ranging from fully integrated bridge systems with the Unified Bridge ergonomically designed human/machine interface to propulsion/thruster/rudder control, dynamic positioning and alarm and monitoring systems. Much of the equipment can also be supplied as stand-alone products.

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Contents: High level system integration Unified Bridge Human factors Dynamic positioning Propulsion and thruster control Ship automation Alarm, control and monitoring Energy management Remote diagnostics Product training Customer support design human-centred

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High level system integration equipment to the extremely safety critical control of nuclear power reactors. A ship is a complex assembly of systems and items of equipment, all of which have to be controlled and monitored. Rolls-Royce is a systems integrator providing a vast array of products and systems for ships of many types, including large CP propellers, thrusters for propulsion and manoeuvring, waterjets, stabilising and motion control, deck machinery, tank systems, diesel and gas engines, LNG fuel systems, and power electrical hybrid systems with batteries. In many cases we also...

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Automation, propulsion control and dynamic positioning are just some of the equipment that can be provided as sub-systems for a wide range of vessel types. All are based on the Rolls-Royce Common Control Platform and modular hardware and software for ease of interfacing and simple installation. Positioning systems have been the subject of intensive development, starting with the Poscon joysticks in the 1970s. Rolls-Royce DP systems meeting the various IMO requirements followed. multifunctional touch screens. Other third party products are interfaced via various communication links including...

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Unified Bridge – within arm’s reach Our Unified Bridge offers the operator performance, simplicity and safety with proximity. Like an iceberg where the visible glistening part is only a small fraction of the whole object, the Rolls-Royce Unified Bridge is the human-machine interface of a broader and deep integration of ship systems. Proximity is having information that the operator may require quickly and unambiguously available, and controls conveniently­­ ­ at hand to carry out whatever action is needed. The graphical ­ ser u interface is clear, and based on the philosophy ‘what you see...

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Modularity enables systems to be optimised for a range of vessel types including offshore, merchant, fishing and tugs. Third party products can be interfaced, accessed and operated using the Acon Bridge Control touch screen. An offshore supply vessel is one of the more complex examples, with two stations and bridge wing consoles. A forward facing transit ­ tation focuses on ship control and navigation. There are s two ­ perator chairs on rails, one on each side of a centre console, o and outside each chair is an outer console. This open-fronted layout gives the watchkeepers an optimal view....

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Human factors We have developed control levers through several generations. They fall easily to hand and can now be delivered motorised to give tactile feedback, as well as having clear indication of position. Levers and joysticks are optimised for application, such as ­ hruster and t p ­ ropulsion control, dynamic positioning (DP), crane control and multiple levers for ­ imultaneous operation of up to three winches. s When developing the ergonomics of the Unified Bridge we carried out realistic studies in our ship simulator using state of the art eye tracking equipment. We ran holistic...

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Operator’s chair The operator’s chair is supplied either to slide between consoles, where controls and armrests are located on the consoles in the Unified Bridge, or as a freestanding unit, the Unified Chair with controls and screens in the armrests. Basic design of the chair is the same, with focus on a full range of adjustments to suit different body shapes and sizes, and comfort when occupied for long periods. Upholstery combines leather and alcantara for hard wear and freedom from clamminess. The narrow backrest design gives support but it is easy to move about or turn around. Padded...

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Dynamic positioning Icon DP uses the Rolls-Royce Common Control Platform system a ­ rchitecture, hardware and software. Icon DP is a range of dynamic positioning systems from R ­ olls-Royce. We supply complete systems that meet the ­ ositioning p r ­ equirements of many types of vessel that are equipped with s ­ uitable propulsor/thruster arrangements, from simple systems to those meeting the strictest redundancy requirements. DP classifications We engineer systems to meet the needs of the vessel, from the s ­ imple to those satisfying any of the IMO DP classes. These DP systems are made up...

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The latest introduction is DP2+. This provides even higher levels of availability by giving the ability to maintain DP2 class requirements even after a single worst case failure. Icon DP2+ supports full 3-split power bus designs. There is an additional operator station making three in all, three main DP controllers running in triple redundant configuration, four separated powered sensor groups and IO groups, a dual network ring and also the option of dual independent joysticks. DP2+ can be extended to provide positioning to DP3 rules with a very high level of redundancy. In this case a DP2+...

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Rolls-Royce provides systems and equipment for control of propulsion, from the human machine interface with levers and screens on the bridge and in the control room, to control and monitoring of diesel and gas engines, propellers, waterjets, thrusters and steering gear. Complex systems such as diesel electric, gas electric and hybrid propulsion are catered for. Propulsion, thruster and steering control provides the operator with a clear picture of the propulsors and thrusters in use at the time, with magnitude and direction of thrust shown pictorially and numerically. When used in...

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