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G-Series Navigation System Our premier navigation system, G-Series is a multifunction helm solution that combines ultra bright displays, remote keyboards, and power ful processors w i t h n e t w o r k s e n s o r s f o r r a d a r, f i s h f i n d e r, G P S , w e a t h e r, a n d v i d e o .

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Each system begins with the powerful GPM400 processor module, an ultra bright G-Series marine display and a G-Series Command Center keyboard. Next, network sensors for GPS, fishfinder and radar provide primary navigation data. Additional processors, displays and keyboards can be added to the network to support multiple station applications. The G-Series network expands even further with on board monitoring cameras, audio/video entertainment, engine instrument data and satellite weather Engine Monitoring Super HD Digital Radar More than just navigation, G-Series is a total on board...

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Video DVI DVD & Satellite Television Wireless Base station Wireless Command Center Keyboard Remote monitors or entertainment systems SeaTalkhs DVI work Switch GPM400 Processor SeaTalkhs NMEA WEATHER GVM400 VIDEO MODULE Marine Cameras SR100 SIRIUS Satellite Radio & Marine Weather AIS250 Automatic Identification System

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BIGGER Marine Display and Command Center Keyboard SMARTER FASTER GPM400 Processor Module Super HD Digital Radar DSM400 Digital Sounder Module

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COMMAND CENTER KEYBOARD TOTAL SYSTEM CONTROL • Command Center keyboard controls multiple GPM400 processor modules • LCD Identifies each nav station and display In use • Eliminates the need for external video switches by controlling each G-Serles marine display's video Inputs remotely • Low profile flush mount or optional wireless kit • Intuitive color coded softkey Interface and convenient alphanumeric keypad • Built-in Raymarlne autopilot control - engage the autopilot from within G-SERIES KEYBOARD The Intuitive G-Serles Command Center keyboard provides the captain an elegant Interface to...

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MARINE DISPLAYS HIGH DEFINITION NAVIGATION • Ultra bright sunlight viewable display technology • High resolution displays in four sizes to fit a variety of applications • Direct access keys for each video input source • Remote control of video input, power and brightness from the G-Series Command Center keyboard • Picture In Picture with the ability to re-size and reposition the second window ULTRA BRIGHT DISPLAYS Each G-Series marine display delivers brilliant color and a wide viewing angle thanks to Raymarine's ultra bright sunlight viewable display technology. These rugged marine...

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PROCESSOR MODULE • The central intelligence core of every G-Series network • Powerful processor for blazing speed and performance • SeaTalk**network integration supports multiple GPM400 processors • Two DVI/VGA video output ports • Built-in shock resistant hard drive, pre-loaded with ready-to-go Navionics Platinum charts (no unlock codes required) • 45,000 trackpoint memory with 15 independent track memories Each G-Series system begins with a GPM400 processor module. Engineered for extremes, the rugged GPM400 is equipped with a powerful processor that is ten times faster than previous...

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SUPER HD DIGITAL™ RADAR UNMATCHED RADAR TECHNOLOGY • Delivers twice the performance of conventional analog radar systems using Super HD Digital adaptive radar receiver technology • Unique Super HD Digital signal processing reduces the effective antenna beam width, effectively boosting the radar antenna size and delivering unprecedented detail and target separation • Auto modes for harbor, coastal, offshore and buoy • Dual range mode for short and long range target tracking simultaneously • Multi level color radar with 256 colors and four color palette options • Track up to 25 targets with...

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As the ultimate weapon in the hunt for fish, the DSM400 delivers the power and performance serious offshore anglers demand. Operating at 1, 2 or a mighty 3 kilowatts of transmitting power, the DSM400 takes our patented HD Digital technology to whole new level FULLY AUTOMATIC With the DSM400 you can enjoy truly hands-free operation. Adaptive HD Digital technology automatically adjusts sonar parameters to changing sea conditions, virtually eliminating clutter and precisely targeting fish and bot- tom structure with unprecedented clarity. The DSM400 also provides auto adaptive control of...

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VIDEO INTEGRATION VIDEO AT YOUR COMMAND • Integrated video observation system for monitoring docking, engine room and crew cameras • View four video streams simultaneously from any display on the system • SeaTalkte networking eliminates the need to route multiple video signal cables and cumbersome switches throughout the system • Two GVM400 video modules can be added to the network for up to eight video The GVM400 video module integrates video monitoring seamlessly across the G-Series system using SeaTalkte networking protocol. The GVM400 features 4 composite video inputs for marine cameras...

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ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS SIRIUS MARINE WEATHER Add the SR100 SIRIUS receiver to the G-Serles system to track storms, receive weather alerts and view animated weather radar using SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Marine Weather service. In addition to the latest weather reports, SIRIUS Marine Weather provides highly detailed Sea Surface Temperature data overlaid In color on the weather map. SIRIUS AUDIO In addition to weather, the optional SR100 receiver offers SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel tuning directly through the G-Serles navigation system Enjoy over 130 channels of original satellite radio...

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G-SERIES KEYBOARD Nominal supply voltage Operating Temperature ^on-operating temperature Relative humidity limit Water protection Data connections SeaTalk"3, SeaTalk"3 RF (requires wireless upgrade kit anc separate basestation) Operating Temperature ^on-operating temperature Relative humidity limit Water protection Drip resistant when mounted vertically Data connections «EA 0183 (x2), SeaTalk, SeaTalk™, Sea Talk»', Compact flash, DVI X 2 (Optional VGA adaptor available) Stereo line out (rated 1 V rms) Sea Talk/alarm power output 250 mA at 12 V 12 V / 24V DC 10.7 V to 32 V DC operating...

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