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Catalog 2019

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OPEN HORIZONS It is where we truly recalibrate – gazing into the open horizons. Like nothing else, undocking and journeying into the deep blue allows us to gather strength and return to our true nature. Whether alone or accompanied, it is where we regain perspective, and become humble, reminded of what is greater than ourselves. RAND Boats was founded on this belief, and owes its existence to the ambition of proliferating this lifeaffirming sensation through functionalistic, innovative motorboats built and driven with the greatest respect for nature.

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SCANDINAVIAN SIMPLICITY When form follows function, and all matters unnecessary to the core purpose stripped, the most accessible, life-improving products are given life to. This is what modern Scandinavian design is all about, and the idea that governs the RAND Boats design philosophy. It is through the graceful, minimalistic lines characterizing the body of every hull, and the distinctive simplicity of every function from hatch to console that RAND Boats has attained its recognition, and left the portfolio of puristic daycruisers sought out by customers across the world, affectionate of...

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INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY In a market focused on achieving perfection in a fixed spectrum of traditional boat types and propulsion methods, RAND Boats sets out with a new approach to boatbuilding and leaves no stone unturned in the aspiraton of bringing the most innovative and sustainable solutions to the market. The time is now, and a combination of exceptionally low construction weight, and hydrodynamically optimized hull design allows RAND Boats to reach new heights of fuel efficiency and performance, whether through traditional propulsion or new electric propulsion systems.

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UNCOMPROMIZING CRAFTMANSHIP At the core of every boat builder’s pride is the dedication to craftsmanship. Taking the time to hone every inch of fiber and every angle of carpentry, producing close to custom made jewels with every boat leaving the production line. The aspiration at RAND Boats’ production facility is no less, and the results speak their true language, where the smallest detail is under careful scrutiny and constant development, and every bit of material handpicked to support the highest of quality standards

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FUNCTIONALISM FROM STERN TO BOW The dream of venturing into the oceans should not be limited. It should not be hindered by concerns of movability, space, or the difficulties of operating. Boats should be intuitive, simplistically designed, and present a layout inviting people aboard wether experienced sailors or novices. RAND Boats strives to tear down boundaries, and aspires with each new model to create the very best for the specific purpose, whether easy plug-and-play daycruiser or the extravagant family weekender, all with a special dedication to the social experiences invited for by...

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Picnic 18 is a new, ultrasimple approach to leisure activity at sea. Designed around the focal 62 x 145 cm center picnic-table the 18ft open daycruiser is the perfect platform for plug-and-play social experiences on water, and has bonded friends and families through early brunch outings to late night swims across the world since it's launch in 2015. The Picnic 18 seats up to a remarkable 10 passengers in total, and starts at an unusually low weight making it especially popular with the low powered electric engines for easy cruising through canals, lakes, and coasts. With electric propulsion...

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SCANDINAVIAN FUNCTIONALISM Picnic 18 is carefully designed to attain the most fuel-efficient performance at speeds from 5 to 30 knots, making it perfect for electric propulsion. The unique wave piecering hull construction and remarkably low 18 cm draft lets the Picnic 18 shoot through waves and handle refractions with unusual balance and stability, and provides a pleasant plane sensation for those inclined to higher speed levels.

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Picnic 18 is the perfect marriage between simplistic Scan- By lowering the center picnic table and laying across a cus- dinavian aesthetics and userfriendly functionalistic solu- tom four-cushion sun lounge the front part of the Picnic 18 tions, exemplified through the scenic teak-fitted aluminium turns into a whopping 200x180 cm sunbed perfect for a steering console displaying no more than the outmost nec- relaxing nap or drying in the sun after a refreshing dip in essary – the intuitive throttle, the lush stainless steel steer- ing wheel and marine stereo. Plug-and-play and easy for all...

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Picnic 18 is among the most popular electric daycruisers The Picnic 18 is designed and constructed to ensure mini- on the market, and has spread quickly to customers across mum maintenance. The boat is endowed with lowmainte- the world looking for that easy-to-use platform for getting nance faux teek deck in the cockpit and bathing platform on the water. It is simple to drive, has perfect steering ca- for the true maritime expression, and fitted with as little pabilities and a surprisingly high degree of stability making equipment as possible. All cushions can be stowed away it optimal as...

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ON-WATER DINING SPACE The center dining table captures the essence of the Picnic-idea, and has been the pivoting point of many jouyous moments for it’s owners and passengers since the 2015 launch. With smooth rounded corners inviting for the hand’s caress, the table can be fitted with four stainless steel cup holders or left in its clean original state for the traditional picnic look – a joy eitherway for the party of ten lucky enough to enjoy a meal or drinks aboard the beautiful 18 feet daycruis

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THREE PLAYFULL ZONES Play 24 by RAND Boats is the ideal offering for easy-to-access fun at sea. Whether alone or accompanied, the easily manoeuvrable 744 cm of functionalistic playfulness is all you need to get the most out of your time at sea. The open daycruiser is divided into three zones, each representing different usability scenarios, from the spacious aft sun lounge expandable through the flip-over pilot backrest, and the three-seat pilot sofa, through to the comfortable bow-dining area layout renown also from the popular Picnic 18 , all with the aim at bringing maximum joy to its...

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