2015 - RAND Picnic & Picnic Rental - 24 Pages

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2015 - RAND Picnic & Picnic Rental
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Catalog excerpts


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Aboard RAND Picnic boundaries are broken down. Free of noise and fumes the horizon awaits at the press of a button.

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The feeling beyond shore Modern life is fast paced. Exciting careers, challenging exercise regimes and technological advances fill our calendars, but when are we free to unwind? Like nothing else, sailing allows us to let go – a feeling surfacing amidst the blowing wind, the boundless air and the sound of the waves, but owning a boat remains for most people an idea. A dream limited by costs, by time, and perhaps a sense of responsibility for the environment. RAND Boats exists to surpass these limits through affordably priced, user friendly and easy to maintain motorboats built and driven with...

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Fill the basket and up the coast with RAND Picnic Sport

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The vessels The Picnic universe offers two models – Picnic & Picnic Sport. Cut from the same high strength glass fiber, and built around the same sustainable foam kernel both offer uncompromising quality, yet differ in nature. Picnic, steerable through tiller is simple, elegant and absent all details but the utmost necessary. Picnic Sport, steerable through the graceful aluminum covered wheel console offers a more traditional, luxurious sailing experience, but share purpose with Picnic – offering the joy of motorized sailing in an accessible, affordable, and respectful manner.

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Embracing nature Boarding a boat is a leap into foreign territory. Whether along sandy beaches or river wilds, activity at sea should be approached with integrity and respect, the same sense in which the vehicles we embark upon be built. By adopting the natural colors and supple lines found at sea, and abolishing superfluous details and decorations RAND Picnic lets nature speak its language free of noise. WATER CONTAMINATION SOLAR CELL EFFICIENCY SAILING TIME

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Through its near-to-the-waterline body, and the spacious, flat upper deck, RAND Picnic embodies a drifting, easily usable platform for interaction with nature. Unlike most boats, RAND Picnic can be sailed by all regardless of experience, and will provide many hours of joy whether through easy canal rides, family picnics on the lake, or full- speed sailing up the coast.

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The aspiration of free movement For most leisure boats, limited physical mobility is an integral part, whether boarding, getting up from a seat, or moving about – an insignificant burden for the pleasures of sailing, but what if there is another way? RAND Picnic was designed with the aspiration that sailing should not be a compromise between pleasure and convenience, and that the natural human movement pattern be supported aboard, regardless of age and ability.

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Practical ergonomics Integrated into the aesthetic lines and supple expression, RAND Picnic carries up to 10 passengers through the elongated seating rows, following the outer hull form, and is designed to provide optimal distance between individuals across the focal picnic table, whilst still allowing free movement about from port to starboard, assisted by the flat upper deck, wide enough at the slimmest points to support a foot step.

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Challenging status quo To many, motorboats are a questionable desire. Often linked to the notion of costs, noisy engines, and the smell of gasoline they unwillingly misrepresent joy and experiences paralleled by few other leisure activities. RAND Picnic was born to challenge this condition and offer the pleasures and freedom of motorized sailing without the traditional burden. ENGINE NOISE GASOLINE SMELL

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Affordable for man and nature RAND Picnic was designed for electric engines – an option made possible through its exceptionally light hull and hydro dynamic shape, why passengers aboard can experience nature free of noise and smell, leave no exhausts or spill into the water, and at the same time use a fraction of the costs required by gasoline-driven boats. Recycled foam kernel & sustainable forestry

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Storage optio Small in size and easily maneuverable RAND Picnic is easy to park and moor in any harbor. DOCKED BY PRIVATE PIER Just as well RAND Picnic is optimal for docking along a private pier in a lake by the urban cana apartment or town house. Unsinkable and self-bailing RAND Picnic can be anchored off the coast, and left unmanned until

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PARKED ON VILLA ROAD OR IN THE GARDEN DRAWN UP ON BEACH VIA BOAT TROLLEY At only 280 kilos RAND Picnic can be put on Just as well can your garden or pavement act The flat bottom and light weight makes RAND trailer easily via the stainless steel towing eye storage for RAND Picnic all year round, when not Picnic easy to pull up on a boat trolley, and leave on the beach until next opportunity arises.

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Romantic getaways with minimum preparation RAND Picnic

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Or a day at the beach with the best of friends RAND Picnic Sport

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Extras CANVAS CUSHIONS KEBONY DECK ADJUSTABLE TABLE Produced in water repellent albeit breathable Built in pine wood from sustainable forestry Two screws attachable the table legs turn the fabrics the cushions add to the comfort of and processed to thrive at sea the Kebony deck RAND Picnic seating area into a spacious sun RAND Picnic and fits into the 700 liter storage provides a maintenance free, luxurious finish deck when a nap or the more comfortable ride matching the table and steering console.

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BATHING LADDER STEREO SYSTEM Lowering the adjustable table gives way for Produced in stainless steel and shaped for Cruising through city canals or dwelling along the spacious sun deck applicable with the easy handling the RAND Picnic swim ladder the coast the stereo system will provide the comfortable sun lounge cushion. provides great assistance when boarding upon right tunes to complete the day at sea.

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Engines & batteries Engine and battery choice should be selected to support the planned use. For the short, half hour cruises in waters with limits to speed, the practical and light weight Torqeedo Travel with built-in battery sailing up to 7,4 km/h may be right, whereas the longer, faster rides along coasts or larger lakes could be better supported with Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 and a Please note only RAND Picnic can be used with Torqeedo Travel. For more information please see the table to the right.

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