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2013 RAM Paddle Sports Catalog - 29 Pages

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2013 RAM Paddle Sports Catalog
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Catalogue excerpts

(Click heading to advance to section) RAM® is the revolutionary universal ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything anywhere. Unlike other mounts on the market, RAM® allows you to mount items where you need them most. If you need to mount a Rod Holder, GPS, FishFinder or POV Camera look no further. RAM® mounts will help you make a professional job easy. Its unique design provides easy installation, adjustability, strength, versatility, vibration dampening and durability, all at a low cost. RAM® is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and made in the USA which makes...

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PATENTED & PATS. PEND PATENTED & PATS. PEND * Our product line is constantly evolving! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit www.rammount.com to view additional options! * Our product line is constantly evolving! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit www.rammount.com to view additional options!

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MOUNTING BASE OPTIONS MOUNTING BASE OPTIONS (Click heading to advance to section) RAM® 2” x 2.5” Rectangle Base with the AMPs Hole Pattern & 1.5” Ball RAM® Mount Wedge Adapter with 1.5” Diameter Ball for Flush Mount & Tube Rod Holders The RAP-202U-225 consists of a 1.5” diameter rubber ball connected at right angles to a 2” x 2.5” rectangular base. This mount has pre-drilled holes at each corner of the base plate. The RAP-354-162U wedge adapter base expands to accommodate openings with an inner diameter of 1 1/2” to 1 7/8”. Once installed, you have the perfect way to mount anything from RAM Rod...

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MOUNTING BASE OPTIONS MOUNTING BASE OPTIONS (Click heading to advance to section) RAM® Press-N-Lock™ Base with 18” Long Tube and 1.5” Diameter Ball RAM® Strap Base™ Take things to a whole new level! If you’re tired of the limitations, the new RAM Press-N-Lock™ is what you’ve been looking for. Instantly convert a flush mount rod holder or tube rod holder into a mounting platform with a 1.5” RAM ball without the need for tools or drilling holes in your boat. The Press-N-Lock™ is ideal for mounting cameras, rod holders and almost anything mounted on a 1.5” RAM ball. RAM® offers the widest selection...

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MOUNTING TRACK SYSTEMS MOUNTING TRACK SYSTEMS (Click heading to advance to section) RAM® 1.5” Ball Quick Release Track Base Designed to accommodate all kayak tracks, as well as common track systems, engage and fasten this base to your existing track system or many other’s including GearTrac, SlideTrax and the common T-Track. With a quick turn of the ball the base will slide along the track, giving you ultimate flexibility in repositioning your rod holder. A necessity for the all fishing enthusiasts, the RAM Quick Release Track Base is certain to create more mounting options or access on whatever...

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BUILD YOUR OWN SOLUTION BUILD YOUR OWN SOLUTION (Click heading to advance to section) For all of you do-it-yourselfers out there, RAM® now offers the perfect components to build your next creative masterpiece for your kayak or other application. RAM PVC Pipe Adaptors are designed to easily convert RAM PVC pipe to common schedule 40 or 80 ¾” PVC pipe. Get creative and build rod holder racks, gear organization systems, lean bars and more using this new line of adaptors. Whether you need a coupler, a 90 or 45 elbow or a tee, RAM PVC Pipe adaptors enable you to use standard ¾” PVC RAM® Female PVC...

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(Click heading to advance to section) RAM-TUBE™ 2008 Fishing Rod Holder with Round Flat Surface Base RAM® Rod Holders are the culmination of superior design and materials resulting in the success of recreational and tournament fisherman alike. Comprised of ultra-durable composites, stainless steel, and brass hardware you need not worry about corrosion, just how you are going to enjoy your time on the water. Marine grade from top to bottom is what you expect and RAM® delivers. RAM® provides fisherman with rod holders perfect for their passion. Here you’ll find holders for Fly rods, Bait casters,...

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(Click heading to advance to section) Our latest entry into our diverse fishing rod holder line of products is also one of the most innovative. The RAM Tube Jr. works with right or left handed configurations, and is compatible with spinning, casting and level wind reels. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications and fishing vessels, this rod holder is quickly becoming known as the most versatile rod holder on the market. Available as a complete kit with mounting base, or separately to add to an existing set-up, this rod holder will be a welcome addition to any angler’s boat or kayak. RAM®...

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(Click heading to advance to section) RAM-ROD™ REVOLUTION™ RAM-ROD™ 2007 Fishing Rod Holder with Rectangle Flat Surface Base Unlike anything you’ve seen before, and performance beyond your expectations the RAM-ROD™ Revolution™ is another great product for “Pros and Joes” alike. Integrating two sought after features into a single system makes this new Rod Holder versatile to the extreme. Offering not only the patented RAM Rubber Ball and Socket Feature, but a ratcheting feature as well, there is literally no limit to where this holder can be put or how it can be fished. With RAM, you’re never limited...

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ROD HOLDERS RAM-ROD™ LIGHT-SPEED™ (Click heading to advance to section) The RAM-ROD™ Light-Speed™ is another innovative product in RAM’s long list of high quality, industry leading fishing products. Ideally suited for spinning reels and bait casting reels, the Light-Speed rod holder provides smooth action when inserting and removing the fishing rod, yet holds firm in rough water or while trolling. The spring loaded design enables rapid removal of the rod and reel when a fish is on, and offers easy placement of the rod in the rod holder. RAM-ROD™ Light-Speed™ Rod Holder with 4” Long Spline Post...

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HANDHELD MOUNTS HANDHELD MOUNTS (Click heading to advance to section) Boaters everywhere are discovering the advantages of RAM® Mount electronic mounting systems. For Fishfinders, chartplotters, GPS, and much more, sturdy RAM® rubber ball mounts let you reposition the unit at will to accommodate any viewing angle or configuration. RAM Mounts hold your sensitive electronics steady all day long, yet you can easily remove the unit for safe keeping at day’s end. All styles feature high strength composite and marine grade powder coated aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware. Easy to install...

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