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Bulk-Loading-Station - 2 Pages

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f&utatj BULK LOADING STATION DESIGN TO DELIVERY j^^m WE SOLVE DEEPWATER PROBLEMS Radoil, Inc. offers a combination of full manufacturing and project engineering. Our blend of experience and RADOIL, INC capability prove the "fast-track performance"and 12251 FM 529 "quality results" are not mutually exclusive. Houston TX 77041

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Radoil Bulk Loading Stations, Hose Loading Stations and Loading Off-loading Hose Reel Stations, are deployed for transferring either solid or liquid bulk materials like Bentonite, Barite, drill water, potable water, oil based muds, water based muds, diesel, fuel oil and emergency deluge from the supply vessels. They ensure safe material handling and environment protection. A typical station consists of many modular units of combinations of different size hose reel units depending upon the needs (2"-6") to store, payout and retrieve the hoses. Radoil also specializes in design of environmentally...

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