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Catalogue excerpts

R&M Marine Cabins Previous experience has led us to carry prefabricated cabins in stock. These optimally cover all foreseeable applications and allow costs to be cut in a world where “time is money”. The use of self-contained prefabricated modules is often the best solution when installation time on board is limited, when outfitting is very tightly concentrated and when first-class quality is required. Our wealth of experience has enabled us to build up a comprehensive range – ready for installation. This range includes single crew and passenger cabins, all with integrated sanitary modules, variable wall and ceiling systems, doors and furniture. The use of window boxes with adaptable tolerances means they can be immediately installed in window areas. Cabins can be produced with balcony doors and window boxes – the connection to the balcony door uses adaptable tolerance panels. Since the prefabricated cabins come with a complete installation shaft for electrical, air-conditioning and sprinkler systems and are ready for hook-up connections, they are the ideal choice for cutting costs and guaranteeing consistently high quality. Individual modifications, outfitting and optional combinations are available on request. All prefabricated cabins can be easily transported and promptly supplied “just in time”. At short notice and low cost: no problem.

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Passenger cabin Crew cabin Prefabricated cabins – key data Passenger and crew cabins to meet individual standards Stable, welded base frames Stainless steel finish or PVC foil finish in various patterns Room cladding B-15 construction with excellent soundproofing properties Sanitary modules Construction with steel or aluminum floor pan featuring Bolidt flooring or tiles Vacuum or gravity toilet Shower with thermostatic fitting, shelves and racks, shower curtain or partition See our product catalog “R&M Wet Units” To meet customer requirements See our product catalog “R&M Marine Furnitures” Passenger...

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Passenger cabin Crew cabin 2 Wall panels screwed together to ensure block sheave stability. Panels are made of PVC-coated steel sheets on inside (visible side) and galvanized steel sheets on outside (outside of cabin). 3 Door frame with connection profiles for mounting to the corridor wall system. 4 Corner profile for strong connection of the galvanized steel wall block sheaves. 5 Window box made of painted or PVC-coated metal sheets with insulation on rear. 6 Fully equipped wet unit with all necessary mounting points in inspection area for easy access. 7 Ceiling profile (hat profile) with strong...

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The standard types of R&M Marine Cabins Passenger cabin Crew cabin Standard passenger cabin for 4 people with 2 single sofa beds and 2 wall-mounted berths, minibar, dressing table and TV connection, inside cabin without window. Standard crew cabin with single bed, office area, incl. desk and shelves, as well as a minibar and TV connection. Standard passenger cabin with double bed, armchair and a desk/dressing table combination, incl. minibar and TV connection, outside cabin with window. Marine Cabins Standard crew cabin with double bunk bed, minibar, wall-mounted table, 2 safes and TV connection....

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Assembly of standard cabins Passenger cabin Crew cabin Marine Cabins The prefabricated cabins are fully assembled outside the vessel; either in our factories, in the yard facilities or, depending on the number of cabins required, in facilities next to the yard. The decision as to where to assemble the different components through to the complete module is taken based on commercial factors and/or schedule demands. As such, customers benefit from cost-effective series manufacturing, short delivery and assembly times, simple and time-saving installation on board and consistently high quality.

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