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Catalogue excerpts

R&M International GmbH Schellerdamm 22–24 21079 Hamburg Perfection from bow to stern – since 1887.

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Experience and innovation – since 1887. R&M fits out ship interiors and marine facilities with innovative, durable and energy-efficient solutions. Our services range from consulting and design to technical implementation; all to the highest standards of quality. R&M is a world leader in terms of technology and quality in the planning and execution of interior fit outs for all kinds of vessels and marine facilities. Since 1887, we have been refining our technologies and services and have consistently been a strong presence, even after times of crisis. An overview of our services and applications:...

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We take pride in delivering absolute quality. From steel to steel – turnkey solutions. For 125 years now, we have stood for perfection and reliability in marine applications and in taking care of the planning, complete execution and fully integrated production of interior fit outs – from port to starboard side. With our wide-ranging expertise, we see ourselves as a full-service partner for the turnkey outfitting of everything from mega yachts to offshore structures, and have fitted out more than 3,500 vessels since 1960. Our unique technical know-how and our profound industry knowledge have gained...

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High-quality components are R&M’s building blocks for complex systems. When it comes to putting together the cabin wall panels, millimeter accuracy is required. The requirements for vessels and offshore constructions are getting tougher by the year, especially in relation to interior outfitting. The individual technical and structural elements must be perfectly coordinated and work in harmony with one another. We remain at the customer’s side throughout the outfitting process as a professional advisor, planner and contractor in the areas of HVAC, insulation, pipelines, marine furniture, prefabricated...

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Pipe systems Great climate – from bow to stern. Systematically perfect systems. Clean air, above and below deck, is something that is not only expected by passengers and crew but is also required by law. R&M plans and implements HVAC systems that keep pollutants and odors at bay. We deliver ultra-modern cooling systems for high-performance refrigeration. The long service life of our equipment and installations guarantees long-term use coupled with an optimal energy balance and low maintenance. Advice, planning and design of a suitable control concept Integration...

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Marine furniture Prefabricated cabins and wet units Flair follows function. Complete from the very beginning. On vessels and offshore facilities, every square centimeter counts. Prefabricated cabins and wet units from R&M use the space below deck in a functional and comfortable manner. Also, the compact modules help to save valuable time when it comes to installation. The state of the art in the premium marine segment is custom-made, vibration-resistant, and fireproof furniture featuring an attractive design. R&M makes high-quality marine furniture in its own facilities for each project, both...

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Wall, ceiling and floor systems Fittings that fit right. The spectrum of requirements for ship interiors is becoming ever wider, and includes health, safety and social considerations. R&M’s interior elements encompass walls, floors, ceilings and doors that are revelatory in every respect. So, too, are our innovative pre­ abricated cabins, which can be fitted out with suitable furniture and combined with f wet units if desired. It goes without saying that our interior systems comply with all the applicable classification rules. Be it a luxury yacht, cruise ship, offshore platform or naval vessel,...

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Hard workers need rest and relaxation, both at sea and offshore. R&M provides crew lounge fit outs that enable people to switch off, even during extended sea periods. Modern vessels and offshore platforms are often true all-rounders: the crew wants functional and intelligent interiors to facilitate and support them in their often tough and extreme working conditions. Passengers desire aesthetically pleasing experiential surroundings that transport them away from their everyday lives. On top of that, all interiors must also meet economical and legal requirements. With expertise and sensitivity,...

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Public areas Passenger cabins Beauty comes from within. Nothing but the best for your guests. Cabins are the private domains of passengers, who naturally want safe and comfortable accommodation. The cabin fit out quite often determines whether they book a repeat trip on the vessel or not. With our experience and ultra-modern design programs, we bring emotion, individuality, functionality and quality of passenger cabin construction into perfect harmony. In addition, our consistently high supply capability of up to 150 cabins per week helps boost the costeffectiveness of your shipbuilding project. Our...

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Galleys, pantries and cold stores Fully fitted galleys. No vibrations give a good vibe. Galleys frequently perform logistical as well as culinary feats, often under difficult conditions. Ultra-modern fittings and processes along with highly motivated staff help to alleviate these conditions. Here, too, we offer well-wrought complete solutions - from planning to installing extremely durable and functional kitchens - as well as consultation concerning the storage of provisions or meal preparation and distribution. In short, we are your one-stop source for fittings and knowledgeable advice in the...

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R&M’s professional project management service oversees every phase of interior outfitting projects on board vessels and marine facilities. Our qualified personnel coordinate all the processes using ultra-modern systems and programs, while never losing sight of the customer’s interests. At R&M, we never lose sight of the big picture: from idea to finished interior outfitting, our priority is customer satisfaction. We see ourselves as a system provider, but we also offer partial solutions on request, which integrate seamlessly into the existing system. Our comprehensive, turnkey concepts include...

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