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Alvedoor Marine Brochure
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Catalog excerpts

Alvedoor Marine alvedoor marine Product Division of R&M Group

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Alvedoor Marine We open the doors to optimum comfort. History. Wall Systems. Ceiling Systems. Floor Systems. Quality Management. Laws apply at sea that require uncompromising quality in ship out ­fitting, and this applies to many aspects. Crew members need reliable solutions that suit their specific working conditions on the high seas. Passengers want to relax completely in a pleasant environment. They appreciate superior design and want to enjoy all the comforts of being on board. Legislators want compliance with their strict regulations. Economic issues also play a key role. Alvedoor Marine...

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Consistently successful for decades. Three locations, one high standard. Wismar City of design Our Wismar manufacturing facility in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is home to excellent design solutions; this is where we manufacture furniture to meet standard specifications and individual customer requirements. Thanks to the latest CNC technology, we are also able to meet the most specific requirements in a short turnaround time while maintaining our top quality guarantee. Fine inlay work, first-class surface finishing – whatever you want, we are happy to respond to your personal...

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Wall Systems. Wall Systems. In addition to excellent quality, our products also include the best possible fire protection, to ensure the highest possible level of safety. They are also flexible and easy to install. In order to guarantee passenger comfort while on board, the wall systems are tested for sound insulation in accordance with international guideline ISO 140-3 and, depending on the product, achieve values up to 48 dB. All interior archi­ ec­ t tural preferences and requirements can be implemented in a variety of designs and in a wide range of colors. Alvedoor Marine products are regularly...

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Wall Systems. Alvedoor Marine – Wall Systems Top quality at reasonable prices. Standard wall panels ❚❚ Single wall (25 mm, 50 mm) ❚❚ Double wall (25 mm) ❚❚ Multi-layered wall (50 mm) Steel, stainless steel Aluminium PVC coatings Varnished in RAL- and NCS-colors Other surfaces and color variants available upon request. Our wall systems product portfolio includes various wall styles including single walls, double walls and multi-layered walls. All of them meet all interior outfitting requirements. Customized panels, such as with cable ducts, cutouts or integrated reinforcements, can be provided...

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Ceiling Systems. At sea, the cabins and public areas are much like a living room for passengers – this is where a ship’s comfort zone is found. Ceilings are an important aspect of this comfort. Ceiling Systems. To guarantee maximum passenger comfort and safety, Alvedoor Marine products meet the highest standards of quality: they are tested for fire protection and are soundproof. Matching designs in a wide variety of colors create just the right ambience. Only the best is good enough for our passengers. Alvedoor Marine’s ceiling panels are robustly designed and easy to use. Depending on the customer’s...

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Ceiling Systems. Alvedoor Marine – Ceiling Systems Clever design, easy to install. Standard Ceiling Panels: Alvedoor Marine offers three types of ceiling systems, which differ mainly in the way in which they are installed. Customers may hoose from a system that can be disassembled at any point, a design using a tongue and groove connecting system, and a design where the panels can be bolted to one another. The ceilings consist of metal layers filled with mineral wool. Pre­ ab­ f ricated edge profiles guarantee greater robustness, which means that additional wall bracing above the ceiling is not...

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Floor Systems. Much of the noise on board is caused by impact and vibrations transmitted through the floor and through the ceiling to the decks below. Therefore, it pays to use high-quality flooring systems which include excellent noise reduction properties. Floor Systems. Particularly high levels of noise and vibrational impact are generated in the ship’s operational areas, for example where machinery and auxiliary plant systems are operated and maintained, where fuel is stored and where loading and kitchen activities are taking place. The demands on sound-absorbing flooring in adjoining areas...

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Floor Systems. Alvedoor Marine – Flooring Systems High-end sound proofing and vibration protection. A-60-Flooring: A high fire protection classification and excellent acoustic insulation means that this floor can be used in all areas on board the ship. To install this flooring, the panels are simply laid out on the ground and welded together at various points. C-class Flooring: This flooring is ideal for use in areas where no specific fire protection requirements are stipulated by international regulations. The design of this panel is similar to that of the A-60 floor panels, the only difference...

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Any facility is complete only when the proper doors have been installed. Alvedoor Marine provides the right door with the necessary fire protection and a guarantee of quality and durability for every type of ship and every maritime facility. The doors can be equipped with all the relevant accessories and include the right surface coating that matches the design of the existing environment. Alvedoor Marine’s portfolio includes two different system doors. These include doors in fire classifi­ ation B, which can be used for cabins, for c example, and doors in fire classification A for use in areas...

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Alvedoor Marine – Doors Safety first. Alvedoor Marine’s doors can also be equipped with all the required components and treated with any surface coating. Depending on the product type, the fire doors can be supplied with a clear opening measuring up to 2,700 mm in width and 2,200 mm in height. To prevent damage while in transit, all doors can be shipped from the manufacturing facility with a removable protective foil. Cabin doors with clamping frames These models are used primarily in interior areas where a B-15 fire protection category is stipulated. The clamping frames can be fitted during assembly...

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