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Rope Cutter

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Rope Cutter Unique design to stop ropes jamming between the cutlass bearing and rope cutter Smooth cutting action which avoids vibrations or shock commonly associated with scissor style cutters Radial and axial holes in the cutter allow water to flow through the cutlass bearing Minimal interference to water flow and propeller performance Made of 316 Stainless Steel No moving parts to service or fail Installs in minutes with minimum of tools Includes bolts, hexagon wrenches, drill, thread lock and full fitting instructions Cutter Part Number 400-001 Size 1 400-002 Size 2 400-003 Size 3 400-004 Size 4 Rope Cutter How to Order the R & D Rope Cutter 1. Measure the shaft diameter to determine the cutter model for your application. This needs to be carried out accurately. Several imperial sizes are very close to metric sizes. 2. Measure the cutlass bearing housing diameter. 3. Measure the space available for fitting the cutter. Compare the available space with the minimum gap on the information sheet. The cutter needs to be installed on a parallel piece of shaft. Check to ensure that any propeller fitting taper will not affect the installation. Cutlass Housing 1 Shaft Diameter (Measure with Vernier Caliper) Port ___________________________________ 2 Cutlass Housing Diameter Port ___________________________________ 3 Space between propeller and stern bearing Port ___________________________________

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How to install the R & D Rope cutter 1. Fit the cutter on the shaft between the propeller and stern bearing housing. The recessed side to be facing the cutlass bearing housing, do not tighten the clamp screws. 2. Slide the cutter up the shaft towards the cutlass bearing housing as far as it will go. If the correct size has been ordered, the recess will slide over the stern bearing housing by approximately 8mm. 3. Holding the cutter in this position, mark the cutlass bearing housing 4. Using the 6mm hexagon wrench supplied as a gauge, slide the cutter back towards the propeller approximately...

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